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alpha-zero-general - A clean implementation based on AlphaZero for any game in any framework + tutorial + Othello/Gobang/TicTacToe/Connect4

  •    Python

A simplified, highly flexible, commented and (hopefully) easy to understand implementation of self-play based reinforcement learning based on the AlphaGo Zero paper (Silver et al). It is designed to be easy to adopt for any two-player turn-based adversarial game and any deep learning framework of your choice. A sample implementation has been provided for the game of Othello in PyTorch, Keras and TensorFlow. An accompanying tutorial can be found here. We also have implementations for GoBang and TicTacToe. To use a game of your choice, subclass the classes in Game.py and NeuralNet.py and implement their functions. Example implementations for Othello can be found in othello/OthelloGame.py and othello/{pytorch,keras,tensorflow}/NNet.py.

node-tensorflow - Node.js + TensorFlow

  •    Javascript

TensorFlow is Google's machine learning runtime. It is implemented as C++ runtime, along with Python framework to support building a variety of models, especially neural networks for deep learning. It is interesting to be able to use TensorFlow in a node.js application using just JavaScript (or TypeScript if that's your preference). However, the Python functionality is vast (several ops, estimator implementations etc.) and continually expanding. Instead, it would be more practical to consider building Graphs and training models in Python, and then consuming those for runtime use-cases (like prediction or inference) in a pure node.js and Python-free deployment. This is what this node module enables.

tfjs-tiny-yolov2 - Tiny YOLO v2 object detection with tensorflow.js.

  •    TypeScript

JavaScript object detection in the browser based on a tensorflow.js implementation of tiny yolov2. The face detection model is one of the models available in face-api.js.

generator-az-terra-module - Generator for azure terraform module project.

  •    Javascript

This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct. For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact opencode@microsoft.com with any additional questions or comments. generator-az-terra-module creates base template to start a new terraform module along with terratest for automatically testing the module.

tensorflow-serving-openfaas - Example of using TensorFlow Serving with OpenFaaS

  •    Dockerfile

Example of packaging TensorFlow Serving with OpenFaaS to be deployed and managed through OpenFaaS with auto-scaling, scale-from-zero and a sane configuration for Kubernetes. You need to edit the stack.yml file and replace alexellis2 with your Docker Hub account.

node-tf2 - Simple module to interact with the TF2 game coordinator

  •    Javascript

This module provides a very flexible interface for interacting with the Team Fortress 2 Game Coordinator. It's designed to work with a node-steam SteamUser or node-steam-user SteamUser instance. Use 1.1.5 with node-steam 0.6.x, and 2.0.0 or greater with node-steam 1.0.0 or greater.

tf_bag - Utilities to transparently use tf data recorded with rosbag in Python scripts

  •    Python

Querying tf for an arbitrary transformation is very comfortable at runtime thanks to its tooling (tf_echo from the console and the TransformListener programmatically). The programs included in the tf package implement a background recording of the messages incoming on the /tf topic and assemblying them in a Direct Acyclic Graph, which can then be looked up between two arbitrary nodes. While it is possible to include the /tf and /tf_static topics to the ones recorded by rosbag, no tool is provided to use this data. So the most common solution is to play the rosbag and let a program poll tf regularly. This is not an ideal solution, especially for scripting.

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