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pytextrank - Python implementation of TextRank for text document NLP parsing and summarization

  •    Jupyter

Python implementation of TextRank, based on the Mihalcea 2004 paper. The results produced by this implementation are intended more for use as feature vectors in machine learning, not as academic paper summaries.

LanguageDetector - PHP Class to detect languages from any free text

  •    PHP

PHP Class to detect languages from any free text. It follows the approach described in the paper, a given text is tokenized into N-Grams (we cleanup whitespaces before doing this step). Then we sort the tokens and we compare against a language model.

textrank - Summarise text by finding relevant sentences and keywords using the Textrank algorithm

  •    R

This repository contains an R package which handles summarizing text by using textrank. For ranking sentences, this algorithm basically consists of.

Lens - 🔍 Lens is an opt-in search engine and data collection tool to aid content discovery of the distributed web

  •    Go

Lens is an opt-in search engine and data collection tool to aid content discovery of the distributed web. Initially integrated with TEMPORAL, Lens will allow users to optionally have the data they upload be searched and indexed and be awarded with RTC for participating in the data collection process. Users can then search for "keywords" of content, such as "document" or "api". Lens will then use this keyword to retrieve all content which matched. Searching through Lens will be facilitated through the TEMPORAL web interface. Optionally, we will have a service independent from TEMPORAL which users can submit content to have it be indexed. This however, is not compensated with RTC. In order to receive the RTC, you must participate through Lens indexing within the TEMPORAL web interface.

PHP-Science-TextRank - :cyclone: :zap: :earth_africa: TextRank (automatic text summarization) for PHP7

  •    PHP

This source code is an implementation of the TextRank algorithm (Automatic summarization) on PHP7 strict mode. It can summarize a text, article for example to a short paragraph. Before it would start the summarizing it removes the junk words what are defined in the Stopwords namespace. It is possible to extend it with another languages.

TextRank - :wink: :cyclone: :strawberry: TextRank implementation in Golang with extendable features (summarization, phrase extraction) and multithreading (goroutine) support (Go 1

  •    Go

This source code is an implementation of textrank algorithm, under MIT licence. The minimum requred Go version is 1.8. If there was a program what could rank book size text's words, phrases and sentences continuously on multiple threads and it would be opened to modifing by objects, written in a simple, secure, static language and if it would be very well documented... Now, here it is.

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