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textmate - TextMate is a graphical text editor for macOS 10.9+

  •    Objective-C++

You can download TextMate from here. You can use the TextMate mailing list or #textmate IRC channel on freenode.net for questions, comments, and bug reports.

dracula-theme - :scream: A dark theme for all the things!


A dark theme for Atom, Alfred, Emacs, Highlight.js, Hyper, iTerm, JetBrains, Pygments, Slack, Sublime Text, TextMate, Terminal.app, Vim, Xcode, Zsh and many more. All instructions can be found at draculatheme.com.

rmate - Remote TextMate 2 implemented as shell script

  •    Shell

TextMate 2 adds a nice feature, where it is possible to edit files on a remote server using a helper script. The original helper script provided with TM2 is implemented in ruby. Here is my attempt to replace this ruby script with a shell script, because in some cases a ruby installation might just be too much overhead for just editing remote files. A bash with compiled support for "/dev/tcp" is required. This is not the case on some older linux distributions, like Ubuntu 9.x.

tm4e - TextMate support in Eclipse IDE

  •    Java

tm4e is an official Eclipse.org project so it conforms to typical Eclipse.org requirements and guarantees.org.eclipse.tm4e.core provides the Java TextMate tokenizer. This project is a Java port of vscode-textmate written in TypeScript. This Java API can be used with any Java UI Toolkit (Swing, Eclipse, etc). See Core section for more information.

open-editor - Open files in your editor at a specific line and column

  •    Javascript

*Doesn't support column.Open the given files in the user's editor at specific line and column if supported by the editor. It does not wait for the editor to start or quit.

LTFinderButtons - My Finder buttons collection for macOS.


My Finder buttons collection for macOS. Download or git clone the buttons in a proper place. Hold on command button and drag each one into your Finder toolbar.

zephir-sublime - Sublime Text syntax highlighting for for Zephir


A Sublime Text 2/3 / TextMate bundle for Zephir. This is the recommended installation method.

codeMirror-aceEditor-theme-generator - CodeMirror & Ace Editor themes generated from a GUI and/or Sublime Text & TextMate themes

  •    Javascript

Generate Code Mirror and Ace Editor themes with the help of a sleek GUI and/or from the thousands of available themes for Sublime Text and Text Mate. This project is in its early stages and will continue to grow with new features.

atom-atomizr - Converts snippets for Atom, Sublime Text, TextMate, and Visual Studio Code

  •    CoffeeScript

Also available for Sublime Text and the command line (see the comparison chart). This plugin works on active views only, so start by opening a Sublime Text completion or an Atom snippet.

atomizr-cli - Convert snippets for Atom, Sublime Text, TextMate, and Visual Studio Code

  •    Javascript

Converts snippets for Atom, Sublime Text, TextMate, and Visual Studio Code. Based on the Atom package of the same name. Specifying --source is optional. However, since both, Atom and Visual Studio Code, work with .json snippets, it's usually necessary to specify it explicitly. When converting an existing Visual Studio Code snippet, the target scope for the target should be supplied (e.g. --scope .source.haskell) – otherwise .source will be used.

sublime-atomizr - Convert Sublime Text completions into Atom (or Visual Studio Code) snippets, and vice versa

  •    Python

Convert Sublime Text completions into Atom (or Visual Studio Code) snippets, and vice versa. Also available for Atom and the command line (see the comparison chart).

themecreator - http://mswift42

  •    Clojure

Create Color Themes for IntelliJ Editors, Atom, Emacs, Textmate, Vim and Gnome Terminal. No installation necessary. ThemeCreator is hosted on gh-pages. ThemeCreator supports Firefox, Chrome and Opera, as these are so far the only ones to support input-color.

Syntax-Themes - :art: Information and files on various syntax highlighting themes

  •    Vim

This repository contains syntax highlighting themes and links that have been collected through the years while searching for themes that could be converted into something usable on GitHub. All of these themes should retain their original license. If none is provided, a link to the source has been included.

github-textmate-theme - GitHub's official syntax themes as TextMate themes

  •    Javascript

Download or clone this repository and double click the tmTheme files. Or if you use SublimeText, you could clone this repository to your Sublime Text/Packages folder. This was generated by the github-syntax-theme-generator. To rebuild, you will need to follow the instructions there.

textmate - :scream: A dark theme for TextMate

  •    GCC

A dark theme for TextMate 2. All instructions can be found at draculatheme.com/textmate.

Crystal.tmbundle - TextMate 2 Bundle Crystal


TextMate 2 Bundle for Crystal. By default, this bundle will try to call the crystal command. You can specify a path via TM_CRYSTAL env variable.