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SymSpell - 1 million times faster through Symmetric Delete spelling correction algorithm

  •    CSharp

Spelling correction & Fuzzy search: 1 million times faster through Symmetric Delete spelling correction algorithm The Symmetric Delete spelling correction algorithm reduces the complexity of edit candidate generation and dictionary lookup for a given Damerau-Levenshtein distance. It is six orders of magnitude faster (than the standard approach with deletes + transposes + replaces + inserts) and language independent.

WordSegmentationTM - Fast Word Segmentation with Triangular Matrix

  •    CSharp

Fast Word Segmentation using a Triangular Matrix approach. Faster 2x, lower memory consumption constant O(1) vs. linear O(n), better scaling, more GC friendly. For a Word Segmentation using a Dynamic Programming approach have a look at WordSegmentationDP.

emoji-segmenter - Emoji Segmenter

  •    C

This repository contains a Ragel grammar and generated C code for segmenting runs of text into text-presentation and emoji-presentation runs. It is currently used in projects such as Chromium and Pango for deciding which preferred presentation, color or text, a run of text should have. This API call will scan emoji_text_iter_t p for the next grammar-token and return an iterator that points to the end of the next token. An end iterator needs be specified as pe so that the scanner can compare against this and knows where to stop. In the reference parameter is_emoji it returns whether this token has emoji-presentation text-presentation.

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