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render - Go package for easily rendering JSON, XML, binary data, and HTML templates responses.

Render is a package that provides functionality for easily rendering JSON, XML, text, binary data, and HTML templates. This package is based on the Martini render work.Go 1.6 introduces a new block action. This conflicts with Render's included block template function. To provide an easy migration path, a new function was created called partial. It is a duplicate of the old block function. It is advised that all users of the block function update their code to avoid any issues in the future. Previous to Go 1.6, Render's block functionality will continue to work but a message will be logged urging you to migrate to the new partial function.

Speect - Multilingual text-to-speech (TTS) system

Speect is a multilingual text-to-speech (TTS) system. It offers a full TTS system (text analysis which decodes the text, and speech synthesis, which encodes the speech) with various API’s, as well as an environment for research and development of TTS systems and voices.

jAutoFitText - jQuery plug-in to auto-fit text similar to iOS applications

This is a jQuery plug-in that automatically fits text in a specific container using font size manipulation and/or string truncation. The end result is sim


scpEdit is a full feature text editor focused on data searching, extraction and transformation rather then focused on code editing. It makes extensive use of regular expressions, support VBscript macros and a lot more. For now, the interface is only available in french. Transl...

IFilter Text Extracter

A simple component to extract just the text from any file that has an IFilter installed. Available as a C++ COM component and as a C# .NET library.

WinRT PathTextBlock

WinRT PathTextBlock is a control that overcomes some of the limitations in the built in WinRT TextBlock, such as not being able to outline the text, and not being able to distort the text, for example to draw it along a circle. Previously, you could use a tool like Expressi...

CTI Text Encryption

A text encryption tools. Able to encrypt with multiple password. Light weight, efficient, portable and able to translate to your language.

Random Text Generator

Generate random strings (words), sentences, and paragraphs.


ExpressionEval is simple parser for creating expression tree from string. Part of the project is linq serializer/deserializer via REST.

Proverb Teleprompter

Proverb Teleprompter is a simple teleprompter software useful for video shoots that require the talent to read a lot of text (i.e. news shows, talk shows etc.).


Duplicate Finder is a simple utility to look though files and find identical lines, which indicates duplicate code or cut-and-paste coding. It is written in C# using some .net 2.0 features.

File Encoding Checker

File Encoding Checker is a GUI tool that allows you to validate the text encoding of one or more files. The tool can display the encoding for all selected files, or only the files that do not have the encodings you specify. File Encoding Checker requires .NET 2 or above to run.


SharpNotes is a great way to do your text stuff. It makes it easier for all users to edit their text files! It's developed in C# .NET. SharpNotes has very usefull and funny features! You can generate word lists from your text files or -for writers- you can analyze your text.

Regex Batch Replacer (Multi-File)

Regex Batch Replacer uses regular expression to find and replace text in multiple files.

nlp - Extract values from strings and fill your structs with nlp.

You will always begin by creating a NL type calling nlp.New(), the NL type is a Natural Language Processor that owns 3 funcs, RegisterModel(), Learn() and P().RegisterModel takes 3 parameters, an empty struct, a set of samples and some options for the model.