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ember-tether - Tether an element to another element in the DOM

  •    Javascript

This ember-cli addon provides a component that allows for 'tethering' a block to a target somewhere else on the page. The target may be an element, an element selector, or an Ember view. Importantly, the component retains typical context for Ember action handling and data binding. ember-tether is currently tested in Ember 2.4 and higher. For Ember 1.13 - 2.3, use 0.4.1. For support for earlier versions of Ember, use ember-tether 0.3.1.

beside - I need you beside me.

  •    Javascript

An UI library to make an element beside another.

react-tether2 - Simple react wrapper around Tether from Hub Spot

  •    Javascript

Simple react wrapper around Tether from Hub Spot. Props passed to the wrapper component. For instance, pass the style prop to provide custom styling like zIndex to the tethered component.

awesome-tetherino - Awesome Tetherino - 60 000+ Million $USDT Crypto "Stable" Coin Printed Out of Thin Air and Officially Backed by Commercial Paper (2-Ply Rated Soft - Yes, Trust Us, Don't Verify) - Inside the Tether Ponzi Scheme - A Bubble for the History Books and Fraud on the Scale of Madoff


"Sometimes we wonder whether we are dreaming because the growth has been incredible". What's next? Get to know more about Tether's transparency, ecosystem initiatives, and future plans through the words of Paolo Ardoino and Stuart Hoegner. "Tethers are 100 percent backed, full-stop," said Stuart.

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