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aruba - Test command-line applications with Cucumber-Ruby, RSpec or Minitest

  •    Ruby

This is the latest version of our README.md (Branch: "master"). There is also the README of the latest released version of "aruba" (Branch: "still"). Our most current documentation to get started with aruba as a user can be found on . It is generated from our feature files describing the use of aruba.

JGiven - Behavior-Driven Development in plain Java

  •    Java

JGiven is a developer-friendly and pragmatic BDD tool for Java. Developers write scenarios in plain Java using a fluent, domain-specific API, JGiven generates reports that are readable by domain experts. Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) is a development method where business analysts, developers, and testers describe the behavior of a software product in a common language and notation. Behavior is typically described in terms of scenarios, which are written in the Given-When-Then notation. The common language and notation is one cornerstone of BDD. The other cornerstone is that the defined scenarios are executable, form a comprehensive test suite, and a living documentation for the software product.

Unroll - A helper tool to easily run the same tests against multiple data with verbose output.

  •    Javascript

A helper tool (for browser and node tests) to easily iterate through test data against a single test method with output about each test iteration and its parameters. Or in other words a helper method to parameterize your tests. It is an attempt to provide similar behaviour to the [Unroll annotation] (https://spockframework.github.io/spock/docs/1.0/data_driven_testing.html#_method_unrolling) from Spock.

Jasper - An asynchronous behavior-driven development framework.

  •    Python

An asynchronous behavior-driven development framework. Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) is a form of test-driven development where the tests describe the behaviours of an application, and typically these behaviours are described in plain English sentences. BDD allows tests to be written in a highly composable, understandable, and easy to read way.