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testdouble.js - A minimal test double library for TDD with JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Welcome! Are you writing JavaScript tests and in the market for a mocking library to fake out real things for you? testdouble.js is an opinionated, carefully-designed test double library maintained by, oddly enough, a software agency that's also named Test Double. If you practice test-driven development, testdouble.js was designed to promote terse, clear, and easy-to-understand tests. There's an awful lot to cover, so please take some time and enjoy our documentation, which is designed to show you how to make the most out of test doubles in your tests.

testdouble-chai - Chai assertions for testdouble.js

  •    Javascript

And you should be good to go! Check out test/testdouble-chai_test.js for an exhaustive description of how this library behaves.

node-mocks - Suite of mocks for node.js (fs, http) + some testing utils...

  •    CoffeeScript

Set of mocks and utilities for easier unit testing with Node.js. See http://howtonode.org/testing-private-state-and-mocking-deps for better explanation.

test-console - A simple and pragmatic library for testing Node.js console output.

  •    Javascript

A simple and pragmatic library for testing Node.js console output. See the API section for more examples.

dextool - Suite of C/C++ tooling built on LLVM/Clang

  •    D

deXtool is a framework for writing plugins using libclang. The main focus is tools for testing and analyze. deXtool has been tested with libclang [4.0, 5.0].

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