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tryer - Conditional and repeated function invocation for node and browser.

  •    Javascript

Because everyone loves a tryer! Conditional and repeated function invocation for node and browser. Sometimes, you want to defer calling a function until a certain pre-requisite condition is met. Other times, you want to call a function repeatedly until some post-requisite condition is satisfied. Occasionally, you might even want to do both for the same function.

k8s-node-termination-handler - A solution to gracefully handle GCE VM terminations in kubernetes clusters

  •    Go

This project provides an adapter for translating GCE node termination events to graceful pod terminations in Kubernetes. GCE VMs are typically live migratable. However, Preemptible VMs and VMs with Accelerators are not live migratable and are hence prone to VM terminations. Do not consume this project unless you are managing k8s clusters that run non migratable VM types. Note: This solution requires kubernetes versions >= 1.11 to work on Preemptible nodes.

om - Pure Type System for Erlang

  •    Erlang

An intermediate Om language is based on Henk languages described first by Erik Meijer and Simon Peyton Jones in 1997. Later on in 2015 a new implementation of the ideas in Haskell appeared, called Morte. It used Boehm-Berarducci encoding of recursive data types into non-recursive terms. Morte has constants, variables, and kinds, is based only on pi, lambda and apply constructions, one axiom and four deduction rules. The Om language resembles Henk and Morte both in design and in implementation. This language indended to be small, concise, easily provable, clean and be able to produce verifiable programs that can be distributed over the networks and compiled at target with safe linkage. OM is an implementation of PTS with Infinite Number of Universes, the pure lambda calculus with dependent types. It can be compiled (code extraction) to bytecode of Erlang virtual machines BEAM and LING.

SystemFR - System FR: Formalized Foundations for Stainless

  •    Coq

This project aims to formalize in Coq part of the Stainless project. It describes a call-by-value lambda-calculus and defines a rich type system (based on computations) that describes behaviors of lambda-calculus terms. Supported types include: System F polymorphism, recursive types, infinite intersections, refinement and dependent types, equality types. The proofs require Coq and Coq-Equations, which can be installed using opam with the coq and coq-equations packages. Some instructions are available here and there.

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