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powerlevel9k - The most awesome Powerline theme for ZSH around!

  •    Shell

Powerlevel9k is a theme for ZSH which uses Powerline Fonts. It can be used with vanilla ZSH or ZSH frameworks such as Oh-My-Zsh, Prezto, Antigen, and many others. Get more out of your terminal. Be a badass. Impress everyone in 'Screenshot Your Desktop' threads. Use powerlevel9k.

pastel - Terminal output styling with intuitive and clean API.

  •    Ruby

Terminal output styling with intuitive and clean API that doesn't monkey patch String class. Pastel is minimal and focused to work in all terminal emulators.

sbt-prompt - An SBT plugin for making your SBT prompt more awesome

  •    Scala

This is the plugin for you if you would like to have a fancy SBT prompt but you don't feel like spending the same insane amount of time as me researching ANSI color escape codes and SBT internals. All you have to do is pick one of the existing prompt themes or, if they're not awesome enough, just use an easy mini-DSL to create your own custom theme. All promptlets can be styled with foreground and background colors and you can customize them even further with prefixes, suffixes, and other text transformers. See below for all customization options.

gogh-to-tilix - Generates popular themes from https://github

  •    Shell

In order to keep your existing schemes make sure you backup your custom color schemes from the ~/.config/tilix/schemes directory. In some cases if you have a scheme that has the same name with the new scheme this script overwrites it. So, it is your responsibility to take care of your files. Also, this directory is by default, if you use custom take that one into consideration. Now we can run the script. But, the script requires your tilix color-scheme folder. it is ~/.config/tilix/schemes by default. If you use a different directory give that directory to script. Also, make sure that the directory exists.

nodeys-zsh-theme - Just ys zsh theme with NodeJS version.


Nodeys is a theme based on fantastic ys theme, with added NodeJS version (from NVM plugin). The MIT License.

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