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rebound - Command-line tool that instantly fetches Stack Overflow results when you get a compiler error

  •    Python

Rebound is a command-line tool that instantly fetches Stack Overflow results when you get a compiler error. Just use the rebound command to execute your file. Featured on: 50 Most Popular Python Projects in 2018, the top of r/Python, awesome-cli-apps, awesome-shell, terminals-are-sexy, and awesome-mac.

tui-go - A UI library for terminal applications.

  •    Go

A UI library for terminal applications. tui (pronounced tooey) provides a higher-level programming model for building rich terminal applications. It lets you build layout-based user interfaces that (should) gracefully handle resizing for you.

socli - Stack overflow command line client

  •    Python

Download and install Python. Don't forget to check the option "Add to path".

blush - Grep with colours

  •    Go

With Blush, you can grep with any colours of your choice. Make sure you have go>=1.7 installed.

figurine - Print your name in style

  •    Go

Every time the application is called, it chooses a random font for rendering the message. Pass the message you want to decorate as arguments. This application is very light weight, so feel free to add it to your .zshrc/.bashrc file, so each time you open a new shell it shows you a nice message.

finalcut - A text-based widget toolkit

  •    C++

FINAL CUT is a C++ class library and widget toolkit with full mouse support for creating a text-based user interface. The library supports the programmer to develop an application for the text console. It allows the simultaneous handling of multiple text windows on the screen. The structure of the Qt framework was originally the inspiration for the C++ class design of FINAL CUT. It provides common controls like dialog boxes, push buttons, check boxes, radio buttons, input lines, list boxes, status bars and so on.

terminology - The best terminal emulator based on the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries

  •    C

This is an EFL terminal emulator with some extra bells and whistles. Please see http://www.enlightenment.org for information on these.

Ticker - Terminal stock ticker with live updates and position tracking

  •    Go

Ticker is a terminal stock watcher and stock position tracker. It helps to track value of your stock positions, Support for multiple cost basis lots, Live stock price quotes and lot more.

brain-monitor - A terminal app written in Node.js to monitor brain signals in real-time

  •    Javascript

brain-monitor is a command line dashboard that displays your raw brain signals in real time. Make sure your EPOC headset is connected, and your terminal is not too tiny.

im2a - An image to ASCII converter, made for 256-color terminals.

  •    C++

An image to ASCII converter, made for 256-color terminals. The idea came after jp2a for its lack of 256-color terminal support and its JPEG format restriction.

rainbow - Tasty rainbows for your terminal! (lolcat clone)

  •    Go

This app was inspired by lolcats, but written in Go. See also Figurine. It prints beautiful ASCII arts in FIGlet.

nord-terminal-app - An arctic, north-bluish clean and elegant Terminal.app color theme.


An arctic, north-bluish clean and elegant Terminal.app color theme. Designed for a fluent and clear workflow. Based on the Nord color palette.


  •    Go

kubexp is a console user interface for kubernetes. You need a shell with access to kubernetes through kubectl. Kubexp uses the same configuration file (usually ~.kube/config) to connect to the k8s cluster(s).

ggsrun - This is a CLI tool to execute Google Apps Script (GAS) at own terminal on local PC

  •    Go

This is a CLI tool to execute Google Apps Script (GAS) on a terminal. Also this CLI tool can be used for managing files in Google Drive for OAuth2 and Service Account. Will you want to develop GAS on your local PC? Generally, when we develop GAS, we have to login to Google using own browser and develop it on the Script Editor. Recently, I have wanted to have more convenient local-environment for developing GAS. So I created this "ggsrun". The main work is to execute GAS on local terminal and retrieve the results from Google. Furthermore, this tool can be also used for managing files in own Google Drive (OAuth2) and Google Drive for Service Account.

jsonui - jsonui is an interactive JSON explorer on your command line

  •    Go

jsonui is an interactive JSON explorer in your command line. You can pipe any JSON into jsonui and explore it, copy the path for each element.

git-cheats-cli - Git Cheats CLI - A Companion For Gitcheats

  •    Javascript

You can either use web based GitCheats App from your browser or use this GitCheats CLI right from your terminal. This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE.md file for details.

asciiarena - Terminal multiplayer deathmatch game

  •    Rust

The game is made in rust, and built on top of tui for rendering into the terminal and message-io to connect clients and server. AsciiArena is multiplatform, you can play it in Linux, MacOS or Windows.

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