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Gimel - PayPal's Big Data Processing Framework

  •    Scala

Gimel provides unified Data API to access data from any storage like HDFS, GS, Alluxio, Hbase, Aerospike, BigQuery, Druid, Elastic, Teradata, Oracle, MySQL, etc.

PPExtensions - Set of iPython and Jupyter extensions to improve user experience

  •    Python

PPExtensions is a suite of ipython and jupyter extensions built to improve user experience and reduce time to market in Jupyter notebooks.

giraffez - User-friendly Teradata client for Python

  •    Python

Giraffez is a client library for Teradata, made to be fast and user-friendly. It shares many features with the official Teradata tools, but makes them available in an easy-to-use command-line interface and Python API. See the setup instructions for requirements and details on how to configure your environment.

vantage-ui-platform - Open source UI platform components

  •    TypeScript

Update the serverUrl variable in the proxy.conf.js to point to your vantage environment.

nodejs-driver - Teradata SQL Driver for Node.js

  •    TypeScript

The Teradata nodejs-driver module is a Database API Specification v2.0 compliant driver for Node.js and the Teradata Database. Teradata nodejs-driver is open source and maintained by Teradata. It is currently in RC but has a comprehensive test suite for the supported features.

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