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Tensorflow-Tutorial - Tensorflow tutorial from basic to hard

  •    Python

In these tutorials, we will build our first Neural Network and try to build some advanced Neural Network architectures developed recent years. All methods mentioned below have their video and text tutorial in Chinese. Visit 莫烦 Python for more.

tensorlayer - Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning Library for Developers and Scientists

  •    Python

TensorLayer is a novel TensorFlow-based deep learning and reinforcement learning library designed for researchers and engineers. It provides a large collection of customizable neural layers / functions that are key to build real-world AI applications. TensorLayer is awarded the 2017 Best Open Source Software by the ACM Multimedia Society. Simplicity : TensorLayer lifts the low-level dataflow interface of TensorFlow to high-level layers / models. It is very easy to learn through the rich example codes contributed by a wide community.

tensorlayer-tricks - How to use TensorLayer


While research in Deep Learning continues to improve the world, we use a bunch of tricks to implement algorithms with TensorLayer day to day. Here are a summary of the tricks to use TensorLayer. If you find a trick that is particularly useful in practice, please open a Pull Request to add it to the document. If we find it to be reasonable and verified, we will merge it in.

tensorandflow - Example code and graph for article on deploying a machine learning model in an Android app

  •    Python

Contains all the necessary code to train a neural network based on the MNIST dataset and deploy that model in an Android app. See Tensor & Flow, Part 1: TensorFlow & Machine Learning on Android for the full tutorial.

learning_ml - I am teaching a Learning ML workshop for some folks @ Belong

  •    Jupyter

I am teaching a Learning ML workshop for some people @ Belong.co. Creating this repo to organise the course material.

docs - TensorFlow documentation

  •    Jupyter

This is the TensorFlow documentation for tensorflow.org. We welcome contributions to the TensorFlow documentation from the community. See the Writing TensorFlow Documentation guide.

einstein - Python Tutorial with popular machine learning algorithms implementation

  •    Python

Python Tutorial with popular machine learning algorithms implementation. This tutorial helps you processing data like Einstein