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NakedTensor - Bare bone examples of machine learning in TensorFlow

  •    Python

This is a bare bones example of TensorFlow, a machine learning package published by Google. You will not find a simpler introduction to it. In each example, a straight line is fit to some data. Values for the slope and y-intercept of the line that best fit the data are determined using gradient descent. If you do not know about gradient descent, check out the Wikipedia page.

zhihu - This repo contains the source code in my personal column (https://zhuanlan

  •    Jupyter

This repo contains the source code in my personal column (https://zhuanlan.zhihu.com/zhaoyeyu), implemented using Python 3.6. Including Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision projects, such as text generation, machine translation, deep convolution GAN and other actual combat code.

docs - TensorFlow documentation

  •    Jupyter

This is the TensorFlow documentation for tensorflow.org. We welcome contributions to the TensorFlow documentation from the community. See the Writing TensorFlow Documentation guide.

applied-machine-learning-intensive - Applied Machine Learning Intensive

  •    Jupyter

The Applied Machine Learning Intensive (AMLI) is a collection of content that can be used to teach machine learning. The original content was created for a 10-week, bootcamp-style course for undergraduate college students. Designed for students who weren’t necessarily majoring in computer science, the goal was to enable participants to apply machine learning to different fields using high-level tools. The content primarily consists of slides, Jupyter notebooks, and facilitator guides. The slide decks are written in marp markdown syntax, which can be exported to other formats. The Jupyter notebooks were written in and targeted to run in Colab. The instructor guide as an odt document.

tensorflow-rnn-ctc - RNN CTC by using TensorFlow.

  •    Python

Connectionist Temporal Classification (CTC) by using Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) in TensorFlow. Run training by using train.py file.

go-mnist-client - TensorFlow serving mnist example client in Go.

  •    Go

An example of tensorflow_serving client in Go. It demonstrates how to connect to the tensorflow_model_server launched as described in Serving a TensorFlow Model on TensorFlow documentation webpage.

ChessboardFenTensorflowJs - Find chessboard FEN from a screenshot using TensorflowJs

  •    Javascript

This uses a frozen Tensorflow Chessbot model. Unlike that repo this runs completely in javascript using TensorflowJs, all client-side. The image is blurred and then the sobel gradients X and Y are used to find strong vertical and horizontal edges in the image corresponding to the chessboard. This is used to guess the bounds of the chessboard, and then generate a 256x256 px grayscale image as input for the tensorflow model.

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