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SharePointWeb PRO - Clima Tempo


O objetivo desse projeto é trazer para o SharePoint aplicações e serviços do Brasil e do Mundo.

TempoStepper - Fully customisable stepper with auto stepping.

  •    Swift

Fully customisable stepper that displays increase/decrease buttons on its left side, vertically, lets you auto step if you hold them as well as lets you write the value with keyboard if you tap to its value field. TempoStepper is an @IBDesignable control, so you can design it directly from storyboard or of course you can initilize it with traditional ways by programmatically.

audio-clock - Keep time in browser for audio applications

  •    Javascript

Keep time in the browser for audio applications. setTimeout/setInterval can not be depended on when running in a browser's single threaded environment. Therefor we need to push them into a webworker and communicate with them that way.

tappy - :shoe: A JavaScript library for recording and comparing rhythms

  •    Javascript

A JavaScript library for recording and comparing rhythms. The project page lives here. The library uses a universal module definition, so it should work with whatever system you're using.

pd-aubio - aubio external for PureData

  •    C

If you have aubio installed in an unusual location, you might need to set PKG_CONFIG_PATH accordingly. Depending on the installation location, you might need to run this command with sudo (or as the user root), or to copy the files manually.