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hyperx - 🏷 - tagged template string virtual dom builder

  •    Javascript

This module is similar to JSX, but provided as a standards-compliant ES6 tagged template string function. hyperx works with virtual-dom, react, hyperscript, or any DOM builder with a hyperscript-style API: h(tagName, attrs, children).

µhtml - A micro HTML/SVG render

  •    Javascript

micro html is a ~2.5K lighterhtml subset to build declarative and reactive UI via template literals tags.


  •    Javascript

Webpack loader is included as es6-template-strings-jsx/loader.

es2020 - Because in hindsight we don't need most of ES6

  •    Javascript

Because, in hindsight, we can do without most of ES6. Not really. The TC39 does not represent my interests, and the features they introduce are not useful for the stuff I'm doing. I'm bloody serious. A few good things have been introduced, so that's what we're backporting to older browsers.

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