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nana - a modern C++ GUI library

  •    C++

Nana is a C++ library designed to allow developers to easily create cross-platform GUI applications with modern C++11 style. Currently it can work on Linux(X11) and Windows. The nana repository contains the entire source of the library. You can browse the source code and submit your pull request for contributing. Jinhao, Ariel Viña Rodríguez.

cpp17_in_TTs - Descriptions of C++17 features, presented mostly in "Tony Tables" (hey, the name wasn't my idea)


Descriptions of C++17 features, presented mostly in "Tony Tables" (hey, the tables were my idea, but name wasn't). There are actually over 100 changes in C++17, only some of them are listed here.

template.scala - C++ Flavored Template Metaprogramming in Scala

  •    Scala

template.scala is a library for creating inline functions, similar to C++ templates. A template function is created with a @template annotation.

metafun - Compile Haskell-like code into C++ template metaprograms

  •    Haskell

MetaFun is a program to compile functional programs into C++ template metaprograms. It allows you to write programs in a very Haskell-like language, and then use them as compile-time C++ metaprograms.

mpl11 - Enjoy template metaprogramming

  •    C++

This is not an official Boost library. It might be proposed as a successor for the current Boost.MPL in the future, but there is no guarantee. Also, I am currently working on Boost.Hana, a library which tries to merge MPL11 and Boost.Fusion into a single library. If that works out, it would probably replace the MPL11. The library is unstable at the moment; do not use for production.

meta-template - :sparkles: Automagically convert Nunjucks templates into a variety of other formats!

  •    Javascript

Maintaining templates can be a pain in the butt, especially if you need to maintain templates for multiple engines or host languages. Meta-template aims to solve the problem of multi-engine template maintenance by making it possible to treat Nunjucks templates (which are theoretically compatible with Jinja out of the box, and almost compatible with Django, Liquid, and Twig) as the source of truth and programmatically transform them into other formats (such as ERB, Handlebars, Mustache) and even other languages, such as JSX or PHP. TODO: explain the parse and AST bits.

cnl - A Compositional Numeric Library for C++

  •    C++

The library's APIs are developed in colaboration with standardization bodies such as The C++ Standards Committee and members of The Khronos Group Inc. and it serves as a reference implementation for sections of the C++ Numbers Technical Specification. Please read proposals, P0037 and P0554 for more details. Tested on Travis and CircleCI.

callable_traits - modern C++ type traits and metafunctions for callable types

  •    C++

CallableTraits is a C++11 header-only library for the inspection, synthesis, and decomposition of callable types. The latest documentation is available here.

genus - A general code generation tools for Go applications

  •    Smarty

A general code generation tools in Go. New to code generation? Refer text/template for basic knowledge.

metal - Love template metaprogramming

  •    C++

Metal is a single header C++11 library designed to make you love template metaprogramming. You don't have to just take my word for it, see for yourself at metaben.ch.

sigs - Simple thread-safe signal/slot C++14 library.

  •    C++

Simple thread-safe signal/slot C++14 library, which is templated and include-only. No linking required. Just include the header file "sigs.h". In all its simplicity, the class sigs::Signal implements a signal that can be triggered when some event occurs. To receive the signal slots can be connected to it. A slot can be any callable type: lambda, functor, function, or member function. Slots can be disconnected when not needed anymore.

go-buildrun - [2013; outdated/abandoned] simple-minded "build tool" that performs "pseudo-generics templating" Go code generation just prior to then invoking `go install` and running the result if package is an executable (`package main`)

  •    Go

This small and simple tool is for "slightly-augmented" integration of the go install command into Sublime Text 2 (or any other editor/IDE for that matter). As the name "buildrun" implies, it is to "build and, if applicable, run". So it checks if the current .go source file is a main package, if so, the compiled program is run immediately when "go install" returns with no errors.

template-function - When code is a function of type.

  •    Common

In many application domains it is common to implement algorithms that are defined for instances of the common lisp array, sequence and/or number classes. The abstract nature of these classes makes it difficult for compilers to simultaneously satisfy user demands on run-time performance whilst maintaining generality. Unsurprisingly, developers typically sacrifice generality by specializing the implementation to one or more subclasses. This decision introduces issues concerning maintainability, portability and reuse. The template function system avoids this sacrifice by providing functionality which allows users to request an implementation which is specialized to a set of types. The generated specialization is then associated with a template function object and is automatically selected at runtime or at compile time according to type information found in the function application.