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node-tmp - Temporary file and directory creator for node.js

  •    Javascript

A simple temporary file and directory creator for node.js. This is a widely used library to create temporary files and directories in a node.js environment.


  •    Javascript

Async disk cache

temp-dir - Get the real path of the system temp directory

  •    Javascript

The os.tmpdir() built-in doesn't return the real path. That can cause problems when the returned path is a symlink, which is the case on macOS. Use this module to get the resolved path.

tempfile - Get a random temporary file path

  •    Javascript

Checkout out tempy which is better take on this module.Extension to append to the path.

tempy - Get a random temporary file or directory path

  •    Javascript

Get a temporary file path you can write to.You usually won't need either the extension or name option. Specify them only when actually needed.

tmpin - Add stdin support to any CLI app that accepts file input

  •    Javascript

It pipes stdin to a tempfile and spawns the chosen app with the tempfile path as the first argument.Similar to process substitution in ZSH/Bash, but cross-platform and without its limitation.

env-paths - Get paths for storing things like data, config, cache, etc

  •    Javascript

Uses the correct OS-specific paths. Most developers get this wrong.Name of your project. Used to generate the paths.

temporary - Temporary files and dirs for Node.js

  •    Javascript

Temporary provides an easy way to create temporary files and directories. It will create a temporary file/directory with a unique name. If you want to manually specify the directory name, you can do so by setting the generator option to false.

npm-explicit-installs - The package that contains the list of packages displayed on the npm home page

  •    Javascript

This is the list of packages that appears on the home page. It is generated by an occasional, one-off data crunch which counts how many times a package name appears in an "npm install" command. This is not the same as downloads, since most packages are installed as dependencies of other packages. This metric tends to surface packages that people start with, and also frequently used CLI tools.

fixturez - Easily create and maintain test fixtures in the file system

  •    Javascript

Create fixture functions for the current file. Find and return the path to a fixture by its basename (directory or filename including file extension).

sublime-tabs - Sublime-style tabs for Atom (**DISCONTINUED: This package is now in core**)

  •    CoffeeScript

This package is now in core. To enable these features, open Atom Settings, search for the "Tabs" package, and enable "Preview Tabs".