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SipXcom - Unified Communications System

  •    C++

sipXcom open source unified communications software is the standard for enterprise voice solutions. Voice, chat, IVR, presence and more in one application. It provides complete enterprise grade telephony, unified messaging, Instant messaging, audio conferencing, and many other features. sipXcom can be run along side your existing Cisco, Avaya, Mitel, Shortel or other PBX while you migrate users to the sipXcom system.

Kamailio - The Open Source SIP Server

  •    C

Kamailio (successor of former OpenSER and SER) is an open source implementation of a SIP Signaling Server. SIP is an open standard protocol specified by the IETF. The core specification document is RFC3261.

ITAPI3 - Managed .NET Library for TAPI 3.0 Development

  •    DotNet

This C++/CLI library is for applications that want to access TAPI 3.x functions. The existing .NET RCW cannot be used with TAPI 3.0 due to some issues in the TAPI 3.0 COM library. This wrapper works around those issues and provides a proper wrapped implementation.

mobly - E2E test framework for tests with complex environment requirements.

  •    Python

Mobly is a Python-based test framework that specializes in supporting test cases that require multiple devices, complex environments, or custom hardware setups.Mobly can support many different types of devices and equipment, and it's easy to plug your own device or custom equipment/service into Mobly.

touchtone - generate DTMF tones like a touchtone phone

  •    Javascript

Using baudio, we can make a tone script that runs on the server.Make sure you have sox installed to use baudio.

google-voice - Ruby interaction with Google Voice

  •    Ruby

There is not currently an api for Google Voice. This lib tries to get around that. Most of this is based on github.com/kgautreaux/gvoice-ruby. Fork the project.

telapi-nodejs - TelAPI NodeJS Library

  •    Javascript

This node.js library is an open source tool built to simplify interaction with the TelAPI telephony platform. TelAPI makes adding voice and SMS to applications fun and easy.

node-shift8 - node-shift8 is an asynchronous asterisk manager interface based on the powerful node

  •    Javascript

node-shift8 is an asynchronous asterisk manager interface based on the powerful node.js. The library in essence is a port (or will be) of my PHP version of the library, but with the twist of EventEmitter

csi - CSI (Continuous Security Integration) Framework => Automated Security Testing for CI/CD Pipelines & Beyond

  •    Ruby

If you're willing to provide access to commercial security tools (e.g. Rapid7's Nexpose, Tenable Nessus, QualysGuard, HP WebInspect, IBM Appscan, etc) please PM us as this will continue to promote CSIs interoperability w/ industry-recognized security tools moving forward. It's easy to agree that while corporate automation is a collection of proprietary source code, the core modules used to produce automated solutions should be open for all eyes to continuously promote trust and innovation...broad collaboration is key to any automation framework's success, particularly in the cyber security arena.

plivo-node - Plivo node.js helper

  •    Javascript

The Node.js SDK makes it simpler to integrate communications into your Node.js applications using the Plivo REST API. Using the SDK, you will be able to make voice calls, send SMS and generate Plivo XML to control your call flows. If you have the 0.4.1 version (a.k.a legacy) already installed, you may have to first uninstall it before installing the new version.

sms_blitz - Send SMS messages through multiple different providers

  •    Elixir

SmsBlitz is a library for elixir that allows you to send SMS messages through multiple different providers. SmsBlitz provides a generic behaviour to make it easy to write conforming client libraries, while also making it simple for developers to choose which provider to use (you could use ex_phone_number to detect the destination country and use the cheapest provider for that country, for example).

ivozprovider - IVOZ Provider - Multitenant solution for VoIP telephony providers

  •    PHP

Ivoz Provider is a multitenant solution for VoIP telephony providers designed for horizontal scaling and load balancing. IvozProvider supports multiple management levels, from Global platform administrator to final user, each of them having its own web interface with visibility to perform configuration tasks.

ring-overlay - Ring (formerly SFLphone) is a SIP compatible softphone for GNU/Linux.

  •    Shell

Afterwards, simply run emerge --sync, and Portage should seamlessly make all our ebuilds available. Or read the instructions on the Gentoo Wiki.

Pade - Pàdé (Yoruba word for Meet) is a web browser extension and a unified communications client for Openfire Meetings

  •    Javascript

Pàdé is the Yoruba word for "Meet". Pàdé (the "p" is pronounced explosively) is the renamed Openfire Meetings Chrome Extension. It is a unified communications client for Openfire Meetings and uses the following front end web applications. On your Openfire server, you will need at least the two Openfire Meetings (download from here) plugins and the bookmarks (download from here) plugin. If you are running an Openfire server lower than 4.2, you will also need the websocket plugin.

awesome-ript - :scroll: Curated list of Realtime Internet Peering for Telephony (RIPT) resources


Next generation peering protocol between trunking providers and consumers. Contributions welcome! Read the contribution guidelines first.

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