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Rich Control Library

  •    DotNet

Provides improved or enhanced controls for WinForm, such as TextBox with prompt text support, kinds of validation with auto formatting, and advanced keyboard and mouse events monitor.

country-fns - 🌏 Useful country data for forms and stuff.

  •    Javascript

Useful country data for forms and stuff.Imagine you need to make a "Select Country" input.

touchtone - generate DTMF tones like a touchtone phone

  •    Javascript

Using baudio, we can make a tone script that runs on the server.Make sure you have sox installed to use baudio.

telephones-js - Some example code to demonstrate some of the ways you can deal with telephone numbers using JS and Node

  •    Javascript

This repository contains a bunch of code illustrating some of the ways in which you can use JS to handle telephone numbers. There are two principal components; an extremley simple Node.js / Express app demonstrating this JQuery plugin along with Google's libphonenumber.

react-phone-input - A simple react component to format phone number as the user types

  •    Javascript

A simple react component to format a phone number as the user types.

phone - Elixir phone number parser for numbers in international standard.

  •    Elixir

Phone number parser for telephone numbers in international standard or missing international country code, for Elixir. Note on version 0.4.0 onward: Phone was rebuild to increase performance, that may increase compilation time but made Phone 100 times faster.

react-native-telephone-input - React Native Telephone Input

  •    Javascript

This library is a forked of React Telephone Input. You can find an ExampleProject.