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TLSharp - Telegram client library implemented in C#

  •    CSharp

It's a perfect fit for any developer who would like to send data directly to Telegram users or write own custom Telegram client. TLSharp has a few dependenices, most of functionality implemented from scratch. All dependencies listed in package.conf file.

MadelineProto - PHP client/server for the telegram MTProto protocol

  •    PHP

This library can be used to easily interact with Telegram without the bot API, just like the official apps. It can login with a phone number (MTProto API), or with a bot token (MTProto API, no bot API involved!).

telegram-mtproto - Telegram client api (MTProto) library

  •    Javascript

MTProto is the Telegram Messenger protocol "designed for access to a server API from applications running on mobile devices". High-level component (API query language): defines the method whereby API queries and responses are converted to binary messages.

java-telegram-bot-api - Telegram Bot API for Java

  •    Java

Network operations based on OkHttp library. You can build bot with custom OkHttpClient, for specific timeouts or interceptors. You can use getUpdates request, parse incoming Webhook request, or set listener to receive updates. Update object just copies Telegram's response.

drone-telegram - Drone plugin for sending Telegram notifications

  •    Go

Drone plugin for sending telegram notifications. For the usage information and a listing of the available options please take a look at the docs.Load all environments from file.

telegram-github-search-bot - :octocat: A Github search bot for Telegram

  •    Javascript

A Github search bot for Telegram.This bot can search users, repos and issues and works well both in normal and inline mode.

telegrambot - NodeJS wrapper for Telegram Bot API

  •    Javascript

All methods available on the API can be access using this library. The list of methods and expected results can be found in the Bot API document. The library contains an invoke call that can be used to call any API method even before it's been implemented as part of the library interface. All library calls wrap this call and serve mostly as a convenience.

JavaTelegramBot-API - Java Telegram Bot API

  •    Java

The Java Telegram Bot API is a wrapper for the Telegram HTTP Bot API

telegram-rs - Unofficial Telegram API Library in Rust

  •    Rust

telegram-rs was written in a "black box", strictly adhering to public documentation provided on https://core.telegram.org/api. At no point was the open source Telegram application referenced. telegram-rs is using the open API provided by Telegram.

tdsharp - .NET bindings for TDLib (Telegram JSON API)

  •    CSharp

Client is a wrapper around native JSON API. Use it to send/receive data as strings. This library contains generated classes for API objects and functions. It handles json serialization/deserialization behind the scenes. Use Hub to subscribe to events. Use Dialer to asynchronously call functions.

teleirc - NodeJS implementation of a Telegram <=> IRC bridge for use with any IRC channel and Telegram group

  •    Javascript

Teleirc bridges communication between a Telegram group and an IRC channel. The project is a lightweight NodeJS application. This bot was originally written for RITlug and our own Telegram group and IRC channel. Today, it is used by various communities other than just RITlug.

ChatPlug - ChatPlug is a simple and extensible social services bridge

  •    Python

Everytime you recieve a message on Messenger it will be relayed to a specific conversation on telegram. When you reply via Telegram the message will be relayed the other way round. This way you don't have to install Facebook Messenger on your phone.

go-tdlib - Golang Telegram TdLib JSON bindings

  •    Go

Telegram Tdlib is a complete library for creating telegram clients, it laso has a simple tdjson ready-to-use library to ease the integration with different programming languages and platforms. go-tdlib is a complete tdlib-tdjson binding package to help you create your own Telegram clients.

telegram - Telegram-bot for searching content from popular repositories in inline-mode

  •    Go

Official bot for HentaiDB project in Telegram, written on GoLang. Search content from popular repositories in inline-mode.

python-telegram - Python client for the Telegram's tdlib

  •    Python

Python API for the tdlib library. If helps you build your own Telegram clients. This library works with Python 3.6+ only.

ELBoT - Yet Another Telegram Bot Library

  •    Python

This is a telegram bot platform is written in python, it runs as a standalone telegram bot and uses telegram bot API for doing its job 😄. If you want to have some automated replies on your telegram user, you must use somethings like Telegram CLI and run your scripts on top of it.

MyPackBot - 🤖 Your own unlimited pack of Telegram-stickers

  •    Go

This is a Telegram-bot that collects all the stickers sent to it in one (almost) infinite pack. No more, no less. Having done simple mathematical calculations, we can assume that the maximum user capacity (when he has the maximum number of sets, each of which contains the maximum number of stickers) is equal 24,000 stickers.