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exist - eXist Native XML Database and Application Platform

  •    Java

eXist is a high-performance open source native XML database—a NoSQL document database and application platform built entirely around XML technologies. The main homepage for eXist can be found at exist-db.org. This is the GitHub repository of eXist source code, and this page links to resources for downloading, building, and contributing to eXist, below.New developers may find the notes in BUILD.md and CONTRIBUTING.md helpful to start using and sharing your work with the eXist community.

WeGA-WebApp - Web application that powers weber-gesamtausgabe.de

  •    HTML

This web application is written in XQuery on top of an eXist-db and powers www.weber-gesamtausgabe.de. Needless to say the code is tailor-made to fit our data (see example-data and the corresponding TEI ODD schemata) but can hopefully serve as a starting point for likewise ventures. Since version 1.2 the WeGA-WebApp is designed as an eXist app package and should happily live together with other installed apps.