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awesome-diversity - A curated list of amazingly awesome articles, websites and resources about diversity in technology


This list contains a variety of resources on diversity, more specifically diversity in tech, including posts, talks, actionable resources, conferences, social media advocates and more. The goal of the list is to provide quick access to information on diversity to tech companies and communities that are willing to do better in their everyday actions to make the tech industry a more inclusive place, and to individuals that look for further reading on topics that might interest them about diversity and equity in the tech field. Always work in progress.


  •    Javascript

OBS: To verify if all modules that this app has dependency are installed. The list of all them are in package.json file.

technicalmajority - technicalmajority.com


Hello! This is the repo that maintains https://technicalmajority.com, a catalog for information about technology partnering with activists and governments to increase government by the people, for the people, of the people. Think of this as an HTML wiki, we very much want additions and contributions.

hyper-radar - :bulb: Research and development at Hyper


We at Hyper are actively doing research in different areas of information technology. It's in our DNA to be curious about new trends and developments, as it's the only way to survive in a fast-changing industry. Every day we are testing new tools, building our own open source projects and taking an active role in developer communities. This is an amazing feeling to be inspired and being a source of inspiration. But at the same time it's not easy neither to learn how to search through all the "data smog" of information nor to filter, sort and keep in memory most interesting, relevant and engaging findings.

aksh - My personal bibliography of STEM resources and grey literature.


My personal reference bibliography of STEM resources, books, technical notes, (un)conference/ workshop jottings, scientific research papers and grey literature, and random errata that makes an interesting read. Since this is a personal dumpspace for bookmarks, expect a perpetual state of randomly ordered chaos.

tech-blogs - A curated list of tech blogs


A curated list of tech blogs that I've came across over the time. The Morning Paper - an interesting/influential/important paper from the world of CS every weekday morning, as selected by Adrian Colyer.

tech-hubs - :house: :office: Where are the tech hubs in Nigeria?


Where are the technology hubs in Nigeria? This is a community project. Pull requests accepted and I will totally make you a collaborator—if you ask and you're not some kind of dead proud obnoxious beast. Ventures Platform 29 Mambilla Street, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

EngineeringBlogs - Most popular tech orgnization blog with latest technology update.


Most popular tech org blogs with latest technology update. If you find worth,please star and share it amoung your community.

landscapeapp - 🌄Upstream landscape generation application

  •    Javascript

The landscapeapp is an upstream NPM module that supports building interactive landscape websites such as the CNCF Cloud Native Landscape (source) and the LF Deep Learning Foundation Landscape (source). The application has been developed by Andrey Kozlov and Dan Kohn of CNCF. If you want to create an interactive landscape for your project or organization, the easiest process is to fork the LFDL landscape, since it only has a single landscape image. Edit settings.yml, landscape.yml, and members.yml for your topic. Then create a Netlify account (or similar) to automatically build and publish the static site on every commit.

women-dev-conferences - A list of developer conferences for women.


A list with developer conferences for women. Links where you can find women who speak at conferences.

community - Developer first, open-source community by developers


This is a group for developers interesting in sharing and learning about software development. And if you are around, we will be very excited to meet you, Join our Meetup.

newsletter - Frontend, Backend, DevOps and Tech newsletter driven by developers

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All the community members that participate in the issues using interesting links to news, articles, projects. The reason behind housing the newsletter in GitHub Issues was to make it more collaborative and to be driven more by the community itself rather than being controlled by one person. We think that this would give us agility, self-healing, self-review and other benefits that can't be predicted now. Another cool thing is that we will have a history of all the weeklies sent before, which could be interesting for anyone subscribing at any later time.

v3.chriskrycho.com - The public repository for v3.chriskrycho.com

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Here I version control my website. Everything is public, because anything I have here is already public. Moreover, all of this material is provided open source so that others can learn from, remix, and otherwise make use of it. There is just one restriction on that: if you're going to use the material, please do me the favor of crediting me for it. That's just being kind. For more details, and for the legalese, see the LICENSE file.

indix-radar - Indix Tech Radar

  •    Javascript

The Indix™ technology radar is used to assess emerging technologies in the market and their adoption strategy. This is heavily inspired by the ThoughWorks® Radar. To start developing for Indix-Radar, set up the environment first.

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