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  •    Javascript

A visual, technical analysis and charting library built on D3. Build interactive financial charts for modern and mobile browsers. TechanJS utilises D3's reusable chart API pattern and currently supports a range of static and interactive plots.

Gekko-Strategies - Strategies to Gekko trading bot with backtests results and some useful tools.

  •    Javascript

Gekko Trading Bot. Repository of strategies which I found at Git and Google, orginal source is in README or .js file. Strategies was backtested, results are in backtest_database.csv file. I used ForksScraper and Gekko BacktestTool to create content of this repository.

ZigZag - Python library for identifying the peaks and valleys of a time series.

  •    Jupyter

ZigZag provides functions for identifying the peaks and valleys of a time series. Additionally, it provides a function for computing the maximum drawdown. For fastest understanding, view the IPython notebook demo tutorial.


  •    Javascript

A Javascript implementation of the technical indicator Ichimoku Kinko Hyo.

TALib.jl - A Julia wrapper for TA-Lib

  •    Julia

TALib.jl supports both Array and DataFrames thanks to multiple dispatch.

BitVision - Bitcoin trading and charting CLI that uses machine learning to forecast price movements

  •    Python

Bitvision is a Bitcoin trading interface backed by an automated trading algorithm that anyone can use. Remember to give us a star, and we'll give you a free copy of the software! If you'd prefer to support the development of future projects, you can donate BTC at 113VcufvK4UEvMNbSMRxJ7L418KL2U4wpb.

ta - Technical Analysis Library in Python

  •    Jupyter

It is a Technical Analysis library to financial time series datasets (open, close, high, low, volume). You can use it to do feature engineering from financial datasets. It is builded on Python Pandas library. To use this library you should have a financial time series dataset including “Timestamp”, “Open”, “High”, “Low”, “Close” and “Volume” columns.

techan - Technical Analysis Library for Golang

  •    Go

TechAn is a technical analysis library for Go! It provides a suite of tools and frameworks to analyze financial data and make trading decisions. Techan is heavily influenced by the great ta4j. Many of the ideas and frameworks in this library owe their genesis to the great work done over there.