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TFSBuildManager is a utility to manage Team Foundation build types in an environment other than Visual Studio.

Club Manager


Club Manager is a web site for managing sport clubs / teams.

deck - 🍱 Kanban-style project & personal management tool for Nextcloud, similar to Trello

  •    PHP

Deck is a kanban style organization tool aimed at personal planning and project organization for teams integrated with Nextcloud.This app is supposed to work on Nextcloud version 11 or later.

react-broilerplate-legacy - Broilerplate originated for teaching purposes

  •    Javascript

OBS! This is legacy! Here be current stuff. Started to modularize this shit a while ago... Different branches hold different stuff. Master holds "current" stuff (obsoleted yesterday).

react-broilerplate-project - React broilerplate example project

  •    Javascript

This is an example starter project utilizing the stuff I now put in NPM. Use as you wish, but still read the license from LICENSE.

evelium - A matrix chat client to facilitate communication amoung communities, organizations, and individuals

  •    TypeScript

Evelium is currently in alpha/development, therefore it may be missing major features or feel incomplete. Node 8 and npm 5 are required to build Evelium.

memory-hole - Memory Hole is a support issue organizer application

  •    Clojure

Memory Hole is a support issue organizer. It's designed to provide a way to organize and search common support issues and their resolution. The app will be available at http://localhost:8000 once it starts.

teammanager - Small team manager written in MEAN stack

  •    Javascript

Open source team/project management system written in MEAN stack. First of all, you must have nodejs and mongodb installed on your computer.

hubot-mood - A hubot script to store your team's mood and get some metrics about it

  •    Javascript

A simple hubot script to store your team's mood and get some metrics about it. You have of course to get a working installation of hubot first.

team-calendar - :calendar: effortlessly know when everyone in your team is available / busy with a single glance

  •    Javascript

effortlessly know when everyone in your team is available / busy. Viewing your team's availability in a single view is a time-consuming problem that all organizations face.

butler - 🤵 Welcome to Butler, your personal assistent to scaffold new projects

  •    Go

Butler is an automatation tool to scaffold new projects in only a few seconds. We provide a powerful interactive cli. When you create a project template you can create a Survey. Surveys are used to collect informations from the users to generate individual templates. Beside templating we also plan to integrate common commands for popular Project Management Tools like Jira, Confluence in Butler. Licensed under MIT.

THRecon - Threat Hunting Reconnaissance Toolkit

  •    PowerShell

Collect endpoint information for use in incident response, threat hunting, live forensics, baseline monitoring, etc. * Info pulled from current running processes or their executables on disk.

fifa-autobuyer - FIFA 17 Autobuyer

  •    Javascript

Download the latest version on our releases page. Coming soon...

cli - share secrets within teams to avoid plain-text secrets from day one

  •    Rust

share-secrets-safely (sheesy) is a solution for managing shared secrets in teams and build pipelines. Like pass, sy allows to setup a vault to store secrets, and share them with your team members and tooling. However, it wants to be a one-stop-shop in a single binary without any dependencies except for a gpg installation, helping users to work with the gpg toolchain and workaround peculiarities.

tfs - NodeJS wrapper for TFS command line tool.

  •    Javascript

NodeJS wrapper for Team Foundation Source Control CLI. If you're a NodeJS developer whishing to use it as a dependency, there is a module exposing all commands and described in the NodeJS API.

vscode-tfs - TFS extension for Visual Studio Code.

  •    TypeScript

You MUST have a Visual Studio with Team Foundation Server features to be able to use this extension. Hit Alt + T to list available commands for the current edited file.

tasty-commits - :lollipop: Simple commit message convention for easily digestible history streams


As a visual person, I find it difficult to read through large commit history logs in binary color schemes (i.e. black / white). In order to improve readability and understandability of my commit history I started prefixing my messages with emojis in a consistent manner.

slackbotapi - node.js Slack RTM API module

  •    Javascript

After installing this module and its dependencies, you can check the example_bot.js to learn the basics. You can join the #slackbotapi channel over at https://slack.radiant.dj. (If you are already registered you can find us at https://radiantdj.slack.com) If you prefer not to join yet another Slack team, feel free to join Gitter or post an issue.

handbook - Dwarves Foundation Employee Handbook


Before 2019, we didn’t have a handbook. In those first five years, when a new person joined the company, they were expected to figure things out for themselves. However, when we grew from a company of 10, 20 employees to a company of over 40, our “introduction by immersion” style stopped working. New hires felt lost and isolated, and their first weeks or even months on the job were stressful because of it. There’s as much to unlearn as there is to learn. Prior to this handbook, navigating that path was both somewhat random and almost entirely oral. So, this is where we’ll try to share what’s worth knowing about the Dwarves, the company, our culture, our process, and our history. It’s a guide to understanding what people are talking about whether it’s okay to take your vacation when you’ve only been with us for few months (yes), what a benefits package look like, and hopefully everything in-between.

capi-workspace - Machine setup for CAPI developers

  •    Shell

Hello there! This repo is intended to provide light-weight setup to developing on CAPI projects. You can now either install via ./install.sh or ./install-core.sh.

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