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  •    Javascript

Online code editor geared to people teaching and learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

PyCut - PyCut, a pizza-making puzzle game made for RIT IGME-582's final project

  •    Python

PyCut is a pizza-making puzzle game made for the IGME-582 final project at the Rochester Institute of Technology. This game teaches basic units of measure to children inspired by the Pizza Pass minigame of Logical Journey of the Zoombinis (1996). This project is a game designed to run on the One Laptop per Child XO laptops. You can find more information about the scope, background, and context of the project on our wiki.

carbon - Watch local files for changes and share them with the world 🌎

  •    Javascript

Carbon (from Carbon Paper) is a desktop app to share files. What makes Carbon different is that it watches files for changes and updates all connected clients in real time. It was originally designed to use when teaching programming, showing code or when you need to share files with a live audience. You can use it to share files only in your local network or you can enable world mode to create a public access domain using ngrok.

playbot_ng - Support bot for the Rust community

  •    Rust

Playbot NG is a drop-in replacement for the retired IRC bot named playbot. There's an instance of Playbot NG named eval running on Moznet. Interaction with playbot is done either via commands or by talking directly to it.