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toxiproxy - :alarm_clock: :fire: A TCP proxy to simulate network and system conditions for chaos and resiliency testing

  •    Go

Toxiproxy is a framework for simulating network conditions. It's made specifically to work in testing, CI and development environments, supporting deterministic tampering with connections, but with support for randomized chaos and customization. Toxiproxy is the tool you need to prove with tests that your application doesn't have single points of failure. We've been successfully using it in all development and test environments at Shopify since October, 2014. See our blog post on resiliency for more information.Toxiproxy usage consists of two parts. A TCP proxy written in Go (what this repository contains) and a client communicating with the proxy over HTTP. You configure your application to make all test connections go through Toxiproxy and can then manipulate their health via HTTP. See Usage below on how to set up your project.

gobetween - :cloud: Modern & minimalistic load balancer for the Сloud era

  •    Go

gobetween - modern & minimalistic load balancer and reverse-proxy for the ☁️ Cloud era. Current status: Under active development. Currently in use in several highy loaded production environments.

striptls - proxy poc implementation of STARTTLS stripping attacks

  •    Python

A generic tcp proxy implementation and audit tool to perform protocol independent ssl/tls interception and STARTTLS stripping attacks on SMTP, POP3, IMAP, FTP, NNTP, XMPP, ACAP and IRC. --generic-ssl-intercept is a global switch to enable generic ssl/tls handshake detection and session conversion. Can be combined with any mangle/vector.

tinyPortMapper - A Lightweight Port Mapping/Forwarding Utility using epoll/libev, supports IPv4 and IPv6 for both TCP and UDP

  •    C++

Linux host (including desktop Linux,Android phone/tablet, OpenWRT router, or Raspberry PI). Binaries of amd64 x86 mips_be mips_le arm are provided.

proxy_admin_free - A powerful web console of snail007/goproxy .

  •    Shell

ProxyAdminFree is a powerful web console of snail007/goproxy . If your VPS is a Linux 64-bit system, you only need to execute the following sentence to complete the automatic installation and configuration.