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SharePoint Taxonomy Export in Excel and XML


This CMD program allows you to export to Excel and XML format all the taxonomy you have in your SharePoint farm. You will be able then to import again

SharePoint 2010 Taxonomy Import Utility


Build SharePoint 2010 taxonomies from XML. The SharePoint 2010 Taxonomy Import Utility allows taxonomy authors to define complete taxonomies in XML format instead of manual creation via SharePoint Term Store Management or CSV files. It the facilitates deployment to SharePoint.

SharePoint 2010 CSV Bulk Taxonomy TermSet Importer/Exporter


Allows for multiple import/export of *.csv files to a given term group in SharePoint 2010 Term Store.

Taxomatic - A SharePoint 2010 Taxonomy Tool


Taxomatic is a SharePoint 2010 plugin which allows you to export your entire taxonomy from the Term Store to an XML file. It also allows you to import the Taxonomy from the XML file into a Term Store on the same or on a different farm.

SharePoint 2010 Managed Metadata Import Tool


Command-line SharePoint 2010 Managed Metadata import tool. Uses (almost) same CSV format as the Microsoft importer and supports static term GUIDs. Unlike the MS tool, this importer does not cause data corruption issues when taxonomy terms are used with Content Organizer rules.

Orchard Taxonomies Module


The Orchard Taxonomies module adds a way to manage taxonomies, and assign them to specific content types, thus allowing content classification and filtering.

Folders To SharePoint Metadata Migrator (Folders2SP)


PowerShell 2.0 script to facilitate migration of SharePoint/Folder structures to a SPS2010 document library using words in the folders to set taxonomy field values, and web services to lookup source metadata and retrieve versions. Use Case: Migrate MOSS library to SPS library.

Populate SharePoint Form Fields from QueryString via Javascript

  •    Javascript

This project makes it possible to pre-fill SharePoint Edit form fields using JavaScript and field values passed via querystring - without server-side deployment.

SharePoint Term Store PowerShell Backup & Restore Scripts


This project is focused on development of PowerShell script tools for backup and restore of SharePoint Managed Metadata service application Term Store taxonomy.

taxa - taxonomic classes for R

  •    R

taxa defines taxonomic classes and functions to manipulate them. The goal is to use these classes as low level fundamental taxonomic classes that other R packages can build on and use.There are a few optional classes used to store information in other classes. In most cases, these can be replaced with simple character values but using them provides more information and potential functionality.

taxize - A taxonomic toolbelt for R (https://ropensci.github.io/taxize/)

  •    R

taxize allows users to search over many taxonomic data sources for species names (scientific and common) and download up and downstream taxonomic hierarchical information - among other things.The functions in the package that hit a specific API have a prefix and suffix separated by an underscore. They follow the format of service_whatitdoes. For example, gnr_resolve uses the Global Names Resolver API to resolve species names. General functions in the package that don't hit a specific API don't have two words separated by an underscore, e.g., classification.

taxizesoap - taxize but for SOAP data sources

  •    R

UPDATE: WORMS data source is now in taxize - for PESI and Mycobank continue to use this package.taxizesoap is an extension to taxize, but for data sources that use SOAP data transfer protocol, which is hard to support in R. This package won't go on CRAN.

wikidata-taxonomy - command-line tool to extract taxonomies from Wikidata

  •    Javascript

Command-line tool and library to extract taxonomies from Wikidata. wikidata-taxonomy requires at least NodeJs version 6.

ncbitax2lin - Convert NCBI taxonomy dump into lineages

  •    Python

All pre-converted lineages are hosted on ncbitax2lin-lineages, a GitLab repo, which allows pushing larger files without Git LFS and a bigger repo size limit. Regeneration is straightforward, but it may incur quite a bit of memory (~20 GB). I generated lineages.csv.gz on a machine with 32 GB memory. Pull request on refactoring to a lower memory usage is welcome. It's mainly about this line, where the pool.map takes places.

pyani - Python module for average nucleotide identity analyses

  •    Python

pyani is a Python3 module that provides support for calculating average nucleotide identity (ANI) and related measures for whole genome comparisons, and rendering relevant graphical summary output. Where available, it takes advantage of multicore systems, and can integrate with SGE/OGE-type job schedulers for the sequence comparisons. The -v ${PWD}:/host_dir argument enables the Docker container to see the current directory. Without this argument, the container will not be able to see your input files, or write output data.

taxizedb - Tools for Working with Taxonomic SQL Databases

  •    R

taxize is a heavily used taxonomic toolbelt package in R - However, it makes web requests for nearly all methods. That is fine for most cases, but when the user has many, many names it is much more efficient to do requests to a local SQL database. Get in touch in the issues with any ideas on new data sources.

taxonomy-term-image - Example plugin for adding an image upload field to taxonomy terms in WordPress

  •    PHP

An example plugin for adding an image upload field to taxonomy term edit pages, and an example of the new taxonomy term meta data added in WordPress 4.4. This example IS NOT compatible with any version of WordPress lower than 4.4, it is meant to be used as an example only. Change the field and button text.

natserv - NatureServe R client

  •    R

NatureServe is a non-profit organization that provides wildlife conservation related data to various groups including the public. All functions in this package are prefixed with ns_ to prevent collision with other pkgs.

taxonomy - taxonomy R packages

  •    HTML

This article is about taxonomy in R. If you have any comments or suggestions for additions or improvements for this article submit an issue, or make some changes and submit a pull request. If you have an issue with one of the packages discussed below, please contact the maintainer of that package.

wikitaxa - taxonomy data from Wikipedia/Wikidata/Wikispecies

  •    R

The low level API is meant for power users and gives you more control, but requires more knowledge. The high level API is meant to be easier and faster to use.

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