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listr - Terminal task list

  •    Javascript

A task can return different values. If a task returns, it means the task was completed successfully. If a task throws an error, the task failed.A task can also be async by returning a Promise. If the promise resolves, the task completed successfully, if it rejects, the task failed.

tasklist - Wrapper for the Windows `tasklist` command

  •    Javascript

Wrapper for the Windows tasklist command. Returns a list of apps and services with their Process ID (PID) for all tasks running on either a local or a remote computer.Cleans up and normalizes the data.

ps-list - Get running processes

  •    Javascript

Works on macOS, Linux, and Windows.The cpu percentage is not supported on Windows.

crepido - Create (kanban) boards to track users and projects from flat markdown files.

  •    CSS

Create (kanban) boards to track users and projects from flat Markdown files. To add custom colors for boards and labels, see ./src/assets/sass/tools/_colors.scss.

psnode - KISS Node.js module to list and kill process on OSX and Windows

  •    Javascript

A Node.js KISS module to list and kill process on OSX and Windows. This use ps and tasklist to list processes and kill and taskkill to kill a process.

current-processes - Node

  •    Javascript

Node.js library to get a snapshot of the currently running processes, OS-agnostic. Needs root/Admin permissions. WMI (specifically wmic) is used to gather the information itself. WMI is fairly slow the first time it's called, it might even take up to 2-3 seconds. Make sure your app will gracefully handle this. Subsequent calls will be much faster.

zeebe-simple-tasklist - Zeebe worker to manage manual/user tasks

  •    Java

A Zeebe worker to manage manual/user tasks in a workflow. It shows all jobs of type user as a task/todo-list. A user can complete the tasks with requested data. The type must be one of: string, number, boolean.

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