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node-archiver - a streaming interface for archive generation

Visit the API documentation for a list of all methods available.Archiver ships with out of the box support for TAR and ZIP archives.

archiver - Easily create and extract

Package archiver makes it trivially easy to make and extract common archive formats such as .zip, and .tar.gz. Simply name the input and output file(s).Files are put into the root of the archive; directories are recursively added, preserving structure.

Libarchive - C library and command-line tools for reading and writing tar, cpio, zip, ISO, and other

The libarchive project develops a portable, efficient C library that can read and write streaming archives in a variety of formats. It also includes implementations of the common tar, cpio, and zcat command-line tools that use the libarchive library.

nar - node

Idiomatic application packager utility for node.js to create self-contained executable applications that are ready-to-ship-and-run.nar provides built-in support for creating, extracting, installing and running applications easily from a simple configuration through a featured command-line interface or evented programmatic API.

SharpZipLib - Compression Library in CSharp

#ziplib (SharpZipLib, formerly NZipLib) is a Zip, GZip, Tar and BZip2 library written entirely in C# for the .NET platform. It is implemented as an assembly (installable in the GAC), and thus can easily be incorporated into other projects (in any .NET language).


SharpTar is simple and lightweight library to handle operations on tar files. Works with Mono and .NET from version 2.0 up to 4.5.


A simple windows command line tool to decompress and untar .tar.gz files or just untar .tar files >TarTool.exe Usage : >TarTool sourceFile destinationDirectory >TarTool D:\sample.tar.gz ./ >TarTool sample.tgz temp >TarTool -x sample.tar temp

go-unarr - Go bindings for unarr (decompression library for RAR, TAR, ZIP and 7z archives)

Golang bindings for the unarr library from sumatrapdf.unarr is a decompression library for RAR, TAR, ZIP and 7z archives.

node-ls-archive - Node Module for archive files

List or read the files and folders inside archive files.List the files and folders inside the archive file path. The callback gets two arguments (error, archiveEntries).

tar-fs - fs bindings for tar-stream

filesystem bindings for tar-stream.tar-fs allows you to pack directories into tarballs and extract tarballs into directories.

tar-stream - tar-stream is a streaming tar parser and generator.

tar-stream is a streaming tar parser and generator and nothing else. It is streams2 and operates purely using streams which means you can easily extract/parse tarballs without ever hitting the file system.Note that you still need to gunzip your data if you have a .tar.gz. We recommend using gunzip-maybe in conjunction with this.

docker-build - docker build as a duplex stream

The above example will build a docker image from the input tarball and pipe the build output to stdout using docker running locally on port 2375.

decompress-tar - tar plugin for decompress

Returns both a Promise for a Buffer and a Duplex stream.Buffer or stream to decompress.

decompress-tarxz - tar.xz plugin for decompress

Returns both a Promise for a Buffer and a Duplex stream.Buffer or stream to decompress.

gulp-tar - Create tarball from files

Filename for the output tar archive.Default options passed to Archiver's constructor and merged into the data passed to its append method.

codexd - Filesystem snapshotting and replication built atop legiond

###Description Filesystem snapshotting and replication build atop LegionD. CodexD currently implements one persistence type: tar. Future persistence types include btrfs and zfs.####Instantiation Instantiates a new CodexD object. It is important to note that CodexD depends on LegionD.