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airtap - Test your JavaScript in 800+ browsers.

  •    Javascript

Test your JavaScript in 800+ browsers. Airtap is an easy way to test your JavaScript in browsers, using a TAP-producing harness like tap or tape. Start testing your code locally in seconds and seamlessly move to cloud based browsers powered by Sauce Labs for better coverage.

simdjson-go - Golang port of simdjson: parsing gigabytes of JSON per second

  •    Go

This is a Golang port of simdjson, a high performance JSON parser developed by Daniel Lemire and Geoff Langdale. It makes extensive use of SIMD instructions to achieve parsing performance of gigabytes of JSON per second. Performance wise, simdjson-go runs on average at about 40% to 60% of the speed of simdjson. Compared to Golang's standard package encoding/json, simdjson-go is about 10x faster.

istanbuljs - monorepo containing the various nuts and bolts that facilitate istanbul

  •    Javascript

Having problems? want to contribute? join our community slack. Everyone's favorite JS code coverage tool.

redux-test-recorder - a redux middleware to automatically generate tests for reducers through ui interaction

  •    Javascript

Redux test recorder is a redux middleware for automatically generating tests for your reducers based on the actions in your app. Currently I've written redux-test-recorder-react a component to provide a gui for recording tests in react but I'm hopeful recording components for other frameworks can be created in the future. Also take a look at our latest build which currently runs a test generated using this module by taking advantage of the eval command. For a better idea of what is going on, you can take a look at the test file here.

prova - Test runner based on Tape and Browserify

  •    Javascript

Node & Browser Test runner based on Tape and Browserify.

jsdom-global - Enable DOM in Node.js

  •    Javascript

jsdom-global will inject document, window and other DOM API into your Node.js environment. Useful for running, in Node.js, tests that are made for browsers.Requires jsdom.

tap-nyan - tap -> nyan

  •    Javascript

Formatted TAP output like Mocha's spec reporter

node-sellsy - Node Sellsy API wrapper

  •    Javascript

Node Sellsy API wrapper - works in NodeJS and in the browser.The official Sellsy API is PHP based so here's a JavaScript handy replacement.

tap-dev-tool - prettifies TAP in the browser's console

  •    Javascript

Prettify TAP output in Chrome/FireFox DevTools console. Works best with tape.Comes in the form of a Browserify plugin, so you don't need to change your source code during development. PRs for other integrations (Babel, Webpack) welcome.

tap-closer - Simple JS "transform" tool that will call window

  •    Javascript

Simple JS "transform" tool that will call window.close or process.exit when TAP output is complete.Note however that this isn't specific to browserify or smokestack or tape, you can use this with any JavaScript tool that logs TAP output to your console.

tape-spawn - spawn processes conveniently in tape tests and match against stdout/stderr streaming output

  •    Javascript

use this in conjunction with tape, e.g.If you set DEBUG=tape-spawn in your ENV when running your tests then the STDERR of the spawned child process will be piped into the STDERR of your terminal.

tape-run - Headless tape test runner

  •    Javascript

A tape test runner that runs your tests in a (headless) browser and returns 0/1 as exit code, so you can use it as your npm test script....or any of the other options you can pass to browser-run.

tape-promise - Promise and async/await support for Tape

  •    Javascript

Promise and ES2016 (ES7) async/await support for Tape.This module assumes that you're familiar with at least the concepts of Promises and if you want to use async/await, then you must be familiar with Babel.

standard-tap - :potable_water: Format JavaScript Standard Style as TAP output

  •    Javascript

Format JavaScript Standard Style as TAP output.Contributions welcome! Please read the contributing guidelines first.

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