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talk - A better commenting experience from Vox Media

  •    Javascript

Online comments are broken. Our open-source commenting platform, Talk, rethinks how moderation, comment display, and conversation function, creating the opportunity for safer, smarter discussions around your work. Read more about Talk here. Built with <3 by The Coral Project, a part of Vox Media.

talk - Talk is a Laravel 5 based realtime users messaging and chatting system

  •    PHP

Talk is a Laravel 5 based user conversation (inbox) system with realtime messaging. You can easily integrate this package with any Laravel based project. It helps you to develop a messaging system in just few minutes. Here is a project screenshot that was developed by Talk. If you already used Talk, please share your experience with us. It will make the project better.

firechat - Real-time Chat powered by Firebase

  •    Javascript

Firechat is a simple, extensible chat widget powered by Firebase. It is intended to serve as a concise, documented foundation for chat products built on Firebase. It works out of the box, and is easily extended. Visit firechat.firebaseapp.com to see a live demo of Firechat.

artistic-style-transfer - Convolutional neural networks for artistic style transfer.

  •    Jupyter

This repository contains (TensorFlow and Keras) code that goes along with a related blog post and talk (PDF). Together, they act as a systematic look at convolutional neural networks from theory to practice, using artistic style transfer as a motivating example. The blog post provides context and covers the underlying theory, while working through the Jupyter notebooks in this repository offers a more hands-on learning experience. If you have any questions about any of this stuff, feel free to open an issue or tweet at me: @copingbear.

infrastructure-as-code-talk - Sample code for the talk "Infrastructure-as-code: running microservices on AWS with Docker, ECS, and Terraform"

  •    HCL

Note: This repo is for demonstration purposes only and should NOT be used to run anything important. For production-ready version of this code and many other types of infrastructure, check out Gruntwork. The docker-compose.yml file mounts rails-frontend and sinatra-backend folders as volumes in each Docker image, so any changes you make to the apps on your host OS will automatically be reflected in the running Docker container. This lets you do iterative "make-a-change-and-refresh" style development.

react-native-incall-manager - Handling media-routes/sensors/events during a audio/video chat on React Native

  •    Java

Basically, it is a telecommunication module which handles most of requirements when making/receiving/talking with a call. note: you might need android.permission.BLUETOOTH permisions for Bluetooth to work.

says - cross-platform 'say' command using Electron

  •    Javascript

Cross-platform 'say' command using Electron.Experimental / proof-of-concept.

yarsay - Tell Pirate Joe what to say

  •    Javascript

Hello Joe! tell Pirate Joe what to say.Inspired by yosay, which was in turn inspired by cowsay.

client-side - Bevry's approach to the client-side


Bevry's approach to the client-side

slidey-termy - slides with images and terminals

  •    Javascript

See this video to watch this technology in action.then go to http://localhost:PORT.

javascript-can-do-what - Talk: JavaScript can do WHAT?!

  •    PHP

These are the notes for a talk I give. Slides are here. It was originally presented at Port80 Perth - 2016 February Meetup which can be Watched Here. Suitable for beginners and professionals. Will describe each section, and touch on basic examples. Depth is available on questions.


  •    Javascript

Follow the wiki for the Ribbon style of Shower that this theme is based on it.

node-logbook - A simple, unobtrusive logger for Node

  •    Javascript

A simple, unobtrusive logger for Node. Nothing fancy - logs all data that passes through process.stdout (console.log) and process.stderr (console.error).

power-polygon - The definitive html5 presentation tool

  •    Javascript

Power Polygon is the tool that will allow you to create impressive presentations with many different themes and transitions, based in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, running in your browser.

springio2016 - Slides and demo code for my talk at Spring I/O 2016

  •    HTML

Demos for the talk "Customize your Spring Boot experience"

rjsmake - Use Markdown to generate a Reveal.js presentation in minutes.

  •    Makefile

Automating Reveal.js presentation builds with Markdown, Pandoc, and Make. Reveal.js simplifies creating presentations, but you still have to write all of that HTML. Pandoc comes to your rescue by allowing you to create the content in Markdown. Rjsmake provides a standardized structure and build process.

code-smells-and-feels - Talk on code smells and feels and how to change that via refactoring

  •    R

"Code smell" is an evocative term for that vague feeling of unease we get when reading certain bits of code. It's not necessarily wrong, but neither is it obviously correct. We may be reluctant to work on such code, because past experience suggests it's going to be fiddly and bug-prone. In contrast, there's another type of code that just feels good to read and work on. What's the difference? If we can be more precise about code smells and feels, we can be intentional about writing code that is easier and more pleasant to work on. I've been fortunate to spend the last couple years embedded in a group of developers working on the tidyverse and r-lib packages. Based on this experience, I'll talk about specific code smells and deodorizing strategies for R. Annotated and hyperlink-y list of resources mentioned in the slides, in roughly the same order.

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