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regx - Tagged-template-string regular-expression compiler.

  •    Javascript

Tagged template string regular expression compiler. Supports multiline expressions, partials, and embedded comments.Creates a template-string tag function. Optionally accepts RegExp flags.

shell-escape-tag - An ES6 template tag which escapes parameters for interpolation into shell commands

  •    Javascript

This module exports an ES6 tagged-template function which escapes (i.e. quotes) its parameters for safe inclusion in shell commands. Parameters can be strings, arrays of strings, or nested arrays of strings, arrays and already-processed parameters. The exported function also provides two helper functions which respectively escape and preserve their parameters and protect them from further processing.

html-tagged-template - Proposal to improve the DOM creation API so developers have a cleaner, simpler interface to DOM creation and manipulation

  •    Javascript

Improve the DOM creation API so developers have a cleaner, simpler interface to DOM creation and manipulation. To add an attribute only when it's value is true (such as disabled), use attrName?="${value}". If the value is true, the attribute will be added in the output, otherwise it will be omitted from the output.

scala-newtype - NewTypes for Scala with no runtime overhead

  •    Scala

NewTypes for Scala with no runtime overhead. For Maven or other build tools, see the Maven Central badge at the top of this README.

node-sql-template-strings - ES6 tagged template strings for prepared SQL statements 📋

  •    Javascript

A simple yet powerful module to allow you to use ES6 tagged template strings for prepared/escaped statements. Works with mysql, mysql2, postgres and sequelize. Also template strings support line breaks, while normal strings do not.

lit-analyzer - Monorepository for tools that analyze lit-html templates

  •    TypeScript

vscode-lit-plugin VS Code plugin that adds syntax highlighting, type checking and code completion for lit-html. ts-lit-plugin Typescript plugin that adds type checking and code completion to lit-html templates.

pg-sql2 - Compose powerful, injection-proof, SQL rapidly with the power of ES2015 tagged template literals

  •    TypeScript

Create SQL in a powerful and flexible manner without opening yourself to SQL injection attacks using the power of ES6 tagged template literals. then an error will be thrown.

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