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Handsontable - JavaScript/HTML5 UI Spreadsheet library for web apps. Available for React, Vue and Angular

  •    Javascript

Handsontable Community Edition (CE) is an open source JavaScript/HTML5 UI Spreadsheet component for web apps. It easily integrates with any data source and comes with a variety of useful features like data binding, validation, sorting or powerful context menu. It is available for Vue, React, Angular and Polymer.

tad - A desktop application for viewing and analyzing tabular data

  •    Javascript

Tad is a desktop application for viewing and analyzing tabular data such as CSV files. The easiest way to install Tad is to use a pre-packaged binary release. See The Tad Landing Page for information on the latest release and a download link.

daff - align and compare tables

  •    Java

This is a library for comparing tables, producing a summary of their differences, and using such a summary as a patch file. It is optimized for comparing tables that share a common origin, in other words multiple versions of the "same" table.

active_importer - Define importers that load tabular data from spreadsheets or CSV files into any ActiveRecord-like ORM

  •    Ruby

Define importers that load tabular data from spreadsheets or CSV files into any ActiveRecord-like ORM. Define classes that you instruct on how to import data into data models.

meza - A Python toolkit for processing tabular data

  •    Python

meza is a Python library for reading and processing tabular data. It has a functional programming style API, excels at reading/writing large files, and can process 10+ file types. meza has been tested and is known to work on Python 2.7, 3.5, and 3.6; PyPy2 5.8.0, and PyPy3 5.8.0.

vaex - Lazy Out-of-Core DataFrames for Python, visualize and explore big tabular data at a billion rows per second

  •    Python

Vaex is a python library for Out-of-Core DataFrames (similar to Pandas), to visualize and explore big tabular datasets. It can calculate statistics such as mean, sum, count, standard deviation etc, on an N-dimensional grid up to a billion (109) objects/rows per second. Visualization is done using histograms, density plots and 3d volume rendering, allowing interactive exploration of big data. Vaex uses memory mapping, zero memory copy policy and lazy computations for best performance (no memory wasted).

Tabula - :u7533: Pretty printer for maps/structs collections (Elixir)

  •    Elixir

Tabula can transform a list of maps (structs too, e.g. Ecto models) or Keywords into an ASCII/GitHub Markdown table. It's a weekend-over-beer-project of mine, loosely based on clojure.pprint.print-table.


  •    Python

wq.io is a Pythonic library for consuming (input), iterating over, and generating (output) external data resources in various formats. wq.io facilitates interoperability between the wq framework and other systems and formats. wq.io is designed to be customized, with a base class and modular mixin classes that handle loading, parsing, and mapping external data to a convenient API.

tsv-utils - eBay's TSV Utilities: Command line tools for large, tabular data files

  •    D

This is a set of command line utilities for manipulating large tabular data files. Files of numeric and text data commonly found in machine learning, data mining, and similar environments. Filtering, sampling, statistical calculations and other operations are supported. The tools were originally developed in Perl and used for day-to-day work in a large scale data mining environment. One of the tools was re-written in D as an exercise exploring the language. Significant performance gains and agreeable programmer characteristics soon led to writing additional utilities in D. Information on the D programming language is available at dlang.org.

tableprint - Pretty console printing :clipboard: of tabular data in python :snake:

  •    Python

tableprint lets you easily print formatted tables of data. Unlike other modules, you can print single rows of data at a time (useful for printing ongoing computation results). The header and row functions allow you to print just the header or just a row of data, respectively, which is useful for continuously updating a table during a long-running computation. Also, the banner function is useful for just printing out a nicely formatted message to the user.

SwiftyTextTable - A lightweight library for generating text tables.

  •    Swift

A lightweight Swift library for generating text tables. SwiftyTextTable is now Swift 4.0 compatible! The last release to support Swift 3.1 was 0.7.1. The last release to support Swift 2.3 was 0.3.1.

DataFrame - DataFrame in Pharo - tabular data structures for data analysis

  •    Smalltalk

Data frames are the essential part of the data science toolkit. They are the specialized data structures for tabular data sets that provide us with a simple and powerful API for summarizing, cleaning, and manipulating a wealth of data sources that are currently cumbersome to use. The DataFrame and DataSeries collections, stored in this repository, are specifically designed for working with structured data. The following script installs DataFrame and its dependencies into a Pharo image. Along with all the other code blocks in this tutorial, this script has been tested on Pharo-6.1 and Pharo64-6.1 for both Linux and OSX, and Pharo-6.1 for Windows.