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HTC Sense RSS Reader Tab

Provide an RSS Tab to HTC Windows Mobile Sense. Tab will function in two sections, the Sense RSS Tab (luac script & mode9 files) and supporting app (windows mobile application). The supporting application shall feed the data to the RSS Tab interface.


Papa Parse is a powerful CSV (delimited text) parser that gracefully handles large files and malformed input

strip-indent - Strip leading whitespace from each line in a string

The line with the least number of leading whitespace, ignoring empty lines, determines the number to remove.Useful for removing redundant indentation.

atom-pane - A lightweight wrapper for creating new panes within Atom

A lightweight wrapper for creating new panes within Atom.atom-pane is packaged as an npm module, so you can simply install it like you would your other package dependencies.

tabex - Cross-tab message bus for browsers.

Cross-tab message bus for browsers.Fabric to create messaging interface. For single domain you don't need any options, and everything will be initialized automatically. For cross-domain communication you will have to create html file with router for iframe, loaded from shared domain.

detect-indent - Detect the indentation of code

Pass in a string of any kind of text and get the indentation.The current algorithm looks for the most common difference between two consecutive non-empty lines.

neat-csv - Fast CSV parser

Convenience wrapper around the super-fast streaming csv-parser module. Use that one if you want streamed parsing.Returns a promise for an array with the parsed CSV.

tabby - create tabbed web apps with progressive enhancement

This module only handles setting up the glue to pipe together the data feed with the rendering logic at routes for presentation.Each of the tabby routes has a render function, which returns a stream html. If a data function is provided, the stream it returns is piped into the render stream.

node-tabtab - tab completion helpers, for node cli programs & others. Inspired by npm completion

A node package to do some custom command line<tab><tab> completion for any system command, for Bash, Zsh, and Fish shells. Made possible using the same technique as npm (whose completion is quite awesome) relying on a shell script bridge to do the actual completion from node's land.


Allows Chrome to automatically cycle through a set of tabs. Ideal for a Dashboard or wall-mounted display. Interval at which the settings file is reloaded.