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ansible-os-hardening - This Ansible role provides numerous security-related configurations, providing all-round base protection

  •    Ruby

This role provides numerous security-related configurations, providing all-round base protection. It is intended to be compliant with the DevSec Linux Baseline. If you're using inspec to test your machines after applying this role, please make sure to add the connecting user to the os_ignore_users-variable. Otherwise inspec will fail. For more information, see issue #124.

py-cpuinfo - A module for getting CPU info with Python 2 & 3

  •    Python

Py-cpuinfo gets CPU info with pure Python. Py-cpuinfo should work without any extra programs or libraries, beyond what your OS provides. It does not require any compilation(C/C++, assembly, et cetera) to use. It works with Python 2 and 3. Please report a Bug if you suspect any of this information is wrong.

linux-network-performance-parameters - Learn where some of the network sysctl variables fit into the Linux/Kernel network flow


Sometimes people are looking for sysctl cargo cult values that bring high throughput and low latency with no trade-off and that works on every occasion. That's not realistic, although we can say that the newer kernel versions are very well tuned by default. In fact, you might hurt performance if you mess with the defaults. This brief tutorial shows where some of the most used and quoted sysctl/network parameters are located into the Linux network flow, it was heavily inspired by the illustrated guide to Linux networking stack and many of Marek Majkowski's posts.

sysctl - Development repository for the sysctl cookbook

  •    Ruby

The sysctl resource from this cookbook is now shipping as part of Chef 14. With the inclusion of this resource into Chef itself we are now deprecating this cookbook. It will continue to function for Chef 13 users, but will not be updated. Use the sysctl_param resource to set kernel parameters using the sysctl command line tool and configuration files in the system's sysctl.d directory. Configuration files managed by this resource are named 99-chef-KEYNAME.conf. If an existing value was already set for the value it will be backed up to the node and restored if the :remove action is used later.

api-routerd - REST API based Monitoring and System/Network Management

  •    Go

api-routerd is a cloud-enabled, mobile-ready, a super light weight remote management tool which uses REST API for real time configuration and performance as well as health monitoring for systems (containers) and applications. It provides fast API based monitoring without affecting the system it's running on. First configure your $GOPATH. If you have already done this skip this step.