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myelin - A controller for Backbone, linking Models to Views

  •    Javascript

For a quick example of how myelin works, check here. Any changes to the "user" input field will update the "user" attribute on the model, and any change to the "message" attribute of the model will be reflected in the message span.

matrix-appservice-minecraft - A Matrix <--> Minecraft bridge

  •    Javascript

Minecraft bridge for [Matrix]. Before you begin: A Synapse server is required. The instructions here assume that Synapse server is a default setup.

matrix-appservice-webhooks - Slack-compatible webhooks for matrix

  •    Javascript

Before you begin: A Synapse server is required. The instructions here assume that Synapse server is a default setup. Note: The default URL to run the appservice is http://localhost:9000. If you have other appservices, or other requirements, pick an appropriate hostname and port.

Brion - Blue Brain C++ File IO Library

  •    C++

Welcome to Brion, a C++ project for read and write access to Blue Brain data structures, including BlueConfig/CircuitConfig, Circuit, CompartmentReport, Mesh, Morphology, Synapse and Target files. Brion can be retrieved by cloning the source code. The [latest API documentation] (http://bluebrain.github.io/Brion-1.9/index.html) can be found on bluebrain.github.io. Additional documentation exists for the [Python wrapping of Brain] (python/index.html).

rust-synapse-compress-state - A tool to compress some state in a Synapse instance's database

  •    Rust

An experimental tool that reads in the rows from state_groups_state and state_group_edges tables for a particular room and calculates the changes that could be made that (hopefully) will significantly reduce the number of rows. This tool currently does not write to the database in any way, so should be safe to run. If the -o option is specified then SQL will be written to the given file that would change the tables to match the calculated state. (Note that if -t is given then each change to a particular state group is wrapped in a transaction).

axon - The synapse TUI client

  •    Rust

Note: Currently termion (the underlying TUI library) does not respect terminfo and uses ANSI color codes (#106). Filter specifiers: Every word starting with a specifier [name][sign][content] refines the criteria, take care not to accidentally include them in the free text! Any other word refines the torrent name criteria in the order of occurence.

docker-matrix - docker image for matrix.org

  •    Shell

Please make sure to use our tagged docker images and not the latest one. Specifically in a production environment you should never use :latest as that the version can be broken. We are working with the repository at "https://github.com/AVENTER-UG/docker-matrix". If you want to open issues or create pull request, please use that repository.