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symfony-certification-preparation-list - List of topic-specific resources to help you prepare for Symfony certification

  •    HTML

When looking for a guide to prepare myself for a Symfony certification, I couldn't find a lot. So I've decided to start this project to help people find everything they need. Please help add new links/info. We currently have not all topics covered. For more information refer to the Contributing page.

stock-forecast - Simple stock & cryptocurrency price forecasting console application, using PHP Machine Learning library (https://github

  •    PHP

This is a very simple initial version of the app. At this moment it only can use some linear algorithms, SquareLevels, Support Vector Regression and a basic linear regression based on Cumulative Moving Averages.

project-installer - UI to install and configure a Symfony 4 project throught your favorite browser.

  •    PHP

UI to install and configure a Symfony 4 project throught your favorite browser. This project is a boilerplate you will need to adjust for your requirement. Default version use few parameters to customize the UI and where the installed project should be.

symfony-i18n-routing - Obsolete i18n Routing for Symfony <= 4.1

  •    PHP

This bundle provides i18n routing for Symfony 4. This bundle provides a method of internationalization of route definitions. This means you can define a path per locale and still have them route to the same controller action.

AdminLTEBundle - AdminLTE bundle for Symfony 4 - an backend/admin theme for easy integration with SF4

  •    PHP

This repository is an upgraded version of the AvanzuAdminThemeBundle, bringing the AdminLTE theme to Symfony 4. In order to see a working example this bundle is showcased in a separate demo-application: AdminLTEBundle-Demo.

kimai2 - Kimai v2 is web based Timetracker: multi-user application for time-tracking using Symfony 4 and the AdminLTE theme

  •    PHP

Kimai v2 - the open source time-tracking application with a mobile-first approach, read more at the official website. This is the reloaded version of the open source timetracker Kimai. The new version has not much in common with its predecessor Kimai v1 besides the basic ideas of time-tracking and the current development team.

Symfonator - Welcome to Symfonator - Responsive Bootstrap 4 Admin Application based on the Foundation of Symfony and Adminator!

  •    Javascript

Welcome to Symfonator - Responsive Bootstrap 4 admin application based on the foundation of Symfony and Adminator HTML5 template! Preview of this application is available here https://symfonator.herokuapp.com/admin.