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FormSimpleObjectMapper - 🖇 Eases mapping immutable/value objects to Symfony Forms

  •    PHP

This library aims to ease immutable or value objects mapping with the Symfony Form component, based on Bernhard Schussek (Webmozart)'s blog post: "Value Objects in Symfony Forms", until a decision on https://github.com/symfony/symfony/pull/19367 is made. The library aims to provide a solution to not modify your domain or application models only for satisfying the Symfony Form component requirements. The way your classes are designed should not be denatured because of infrastructure constraints (the libraries you're using in your project).

boltforms - Bolt Forms extension - Symfony interface and API for Bolt

  •    PHP

Bolt Forms is an interface to Symfony Forms for Bolt. It provides a Twig template function and exposes a simplified API for extending as you need. For full documentation see the Online docs.