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Guitar - A Cross-Platform String and Regular Expression Library written in Swift.

  •    Swift

This library seeks to add common string manipulation functions, including common regular expression capabilities, that are needed in both mobile and server-side development, but are missing in Swift's Standard Library. The full documentation can be found at http://www.sabintsev.com/Guitar/.

AlexaSkillsKit - Swift library to develop custom Alexa Skills

  •    Swift

AlexaSkillsKit is a Swift library that allows you to develop custom skills for Amazon Alexa, the voice service that powers Echo. It takes care of parsing JSON requests from Amazon, generating the proper responses and providing convenience methods to handle all other features that Alexa offers. AlexaSkillsKit has been inspired by alexa-app, SwiftOnLambda and alexa-skills-kit-java.

swift-lambda-app - Amazon Lambda app with Swift and Docker

  •    Swift

swift-lambda-app has been inspired by SwiftOnLambda, which provided the initial working code to execute Swift programs on Lambda. Also see the article Serverless Swift for a detailed introduction to running Swift on Lambda.

Hackernews-NLU - Use Swift to interpret unstructured data from Hacker News

  •    Swift

Hackernews-NLU is a sample application that uses Watson Natural Language Understanding service to analyze the contents of trending news articles on Hackernews to give information about the concepts, entities, categories, keywords, sentiment, emotion etc. about the news article. Clicking on the button below creates a IBM Code DevOps Toolchain and deploys this application to IBM Code. The manifest.yml file [included in the repo] is parsed to obtain the name of the application, configuration details, and the list of services that should be provisioned. For further details on the structure of the manifest.yml file, see the Cloud Foundry documentation.

swift-sandbox - Tutorial for the Swift Package Catalog and Swift Sandbox


Learn how to utilize the IBM Swift Package Catalog and the IBM Swift Sandbox to accelerate your Swift development with ease. In this section you will become familiar with the main features of the IBM Swift Package Catalog, and how they can augment your Swift development experience.

kitura-on-kubernetes - Develop a Full-Stack Swift application with a native iOS app and Kitura on Kubernetes

  •    Swift

In this code pattern, we will create a simple step tracker iOS app written in Swift. The application's backend will also be written in Swift with the use of Kitura, a server-side web framework for Swift. This code pattern is for iOS developers who wish to write both their frontend and backend in one language. Working in one language helps developers concentrate and spend more time in the logic of their application rather than learning or dealing with another programming language. The 3 simple Kitura microservices will be deployed in Kubernetes, a container orchestration platform. The sample iOS app is a simple step tracker that rewards users with "fitcoins". Create a Standard Kubernetes cluster with IBM Bluemix Kubernetes Service to deploy in cloud. The code here is regularly tested against Kubernetes Cluster from IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service using Travis.

Shout - SSH made easy in Swift

  •    Swift

You can authenticate with a private key, a password, or an agent. You can remotely execute a command one of two ways. session.execute will print the output of the command to stdout and return the status of the command, while session.capture will not print anything to stdout and will return both the status and the output of the command as a string.

redi-s - A performant Redis server implemented in SwiftNIO.

  •    Swift

Redi/S is a Redis server implementation in the Swift programming language. Based on Apple's SwiftNIO framework. What is Redis? Checkout the home page, but it is an easy to use and very popular Key-Value Store, w/ PubSub functionality.

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