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DockProgress - Show progress in your app's Dock icon

  •    Swift

This package is used in production by the Gifski app. You might also like some of my other apps. It comes with two styles. PR welcome for more.

Splash - A fast, lightweight and flexible Swift syntax highlighter for blogs, tools and fun!

  •    Swift

Welcome to Splash - a fast, lightweight and flexible Swift syntax highlighter. It can be used to generate code sample HTML for a blog post, to turn a string of Swift code into a fully syntax highlighted image, or to build custom developer tools. Splash can be used either as a library in your own Swift Package Manager-powered tool or script, or by using one of the three built-in command line tools that act as frontends for the Splash library.

is-camera-on - Check if the built-in Mac camera is on

  •    Swift

The camera is commonly known as FaceTime HD or iSight.This module can be useful to check if the camera is already in use or notify you if it's turned on when you didn't intend it to be.

Conduit - Robust Swift networking for web APIs

  •    Swift

Conduit is a session-based Swift HTTP networking and auth library. Within each session, requests are sent through a serial pipeline before being dispatched to the network queue. Within the pipeline, requests are processed through a collection of middleware that can decorate requests, pause the session pipeline, and empty the outgoing queue. From this pattern, Conduit bundles pre-defined middleware for OAuth2 authorization grants through all major flows defined within RFC 6749 and automatically applies tokens to requests as defined in RFC 6750.

VaporGenerators - Command line class generators for Vapor

  •    Swift

VaporGenerators is a package that extends Vapor to add a command line tool that generates classes and files automagically for you. It is very much inspired from Rails' command line tools. See the list of generator types below for details of what generators are available and what arguments they accept.

apodidae - 🔍 Search for swift packages right from your command line

  •    Swift

Apodidae is intended to be the quickest way to search for packages in the Swift ecosystem. By design, Swift pulls dependencies from any git repo, most of which are hosted on GitHub, but distributed amongst many thousands of users. This is fantastic to work with, but what it gains in ease of use, this method definitely lacks in discoverability. Luckily, GitHub offers a great API which can be utilized to search for possible dependency candidates for your projects. Apodidae searches for repositories written in Swift that also include a package manifest and match your query thus making the search for packages a very swift matter.

Preferences - Add a preferences window to your macOS app in minutes

  •    Swift

Just pass in some view controllers and this package will take care of the rest. Run the PreferencesExample target in Xcode to try a live example.

swift-sandbox - Tutorial for the Swift Package Catalog and Swift Sandbox


Learn how to utilize the IBM Swift Package Catalog and the IBM Swift Sandbox to accelerate your Swift development with ease. In this section you will become familiar with the main features of the IBM Swift Package Catalog, and how they can augment your Swift development experience.

Releases - A Swift package for resolving released versions from a Git repository

  •    Swift

Using Releases you can easily resolve all released versions from a Git repository, in either a Swift script or command line tool. It supports both remote & local repositories and provides convenience APIs for sorting, filtering out pre-released versions, etc.

MarkdownGenerator - Swift library to programmatically generate Markdown output and files

  •    Swift

A small Swift library to generate Markdown documents. Types conforming to the MarkdownConvertible protocol can be rendered as a markdown string, by implementing the .markdown computed property.

validation-components - A collection of common validation predicates for ValidationToolkit framework

  •    Swift

Validation Components extends the ValidationToolkit framework by offering a collection of common validation predicates that most of the projects can benefit of. Please note that ValidationComponents requires ValidationToolkit.