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sweetalert - Laravel 5 Package for SweetAlert2

  •    PHP

Laravel 5 Package for SweetAlert 2. Use this package to easily show SweetAlert prompts in your Laravel application. This package does have its own views to be included in your templates. But if you would like to tweak it or include your own you can use the views published in the resources/views/vendor/sweetalert directory.

ember-sweetalert - Ember CLI addon for SweetAlert2

  •    Javascript

An ember-cli addon for using SweetAlert2 in Ember applications. The sweet-alert component allows setting SweetAlert's attributes.

angular-sweetalert - An angular service which expose sweetalert2 functions in angular way

  •    Javascript

An angular service which expose sweetAlert2 functions in angular way.

ngx-sweetalert2 - Declarative, template-driven SweetAlert2 integration for Angular 4+

  •    TypeScript

This is not a regular API wrapper for SweetAlert (which already works very well alone), it intends to provide Angular-esque utilities on top of it. 👉 Before posting an issue, please check that the problem isn't on SweetAlert's side.

sweetalert2-react-content - Official sweetalert2 enhancer adding support for React elements as content

  •    Javascript

Official SweetAlert2 enhancer adding support for React elements as content. The dist/sweetalert2-react-content.umd.js file defines window.sweetalert2ReactContent in non-CJS/AMD environments.

sweetify-django - SweetAlert integration for Django

  •    Python

Note: This package does not provide the client-side files of SweetAlert. You have to provide them yourself. Sweetify includes a drop-in replacement for SuccessMessageMixin. Just replace the Django mixin with Sweetify's SweetifySuccessMixin and you are good to go.

vue-sweetalert2 - A convenient wrapper for sweetalert2.

  •    Vue

Vue.js wrapper for SweetAlert2. With support SSR. Now in the global object, you can access all the methods of sweetalert2.

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