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azure-docker4azureoms - :new: :rocket: ☁:star: :whale2: :penguin: Docker for Azure with OMS and some more stacks


This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct. For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact opencode@microsoft.com with any additional questions or comments.

serverless-swarm - Serverless with Swarm, Docker and StackStorm

  •    Python

This project came out of a serverless solution for computational genome annotations (a very exciting topic on it’s own). The emerging serverless framework begins to look promising for other applications, and may be interesting to the community. At a minimum, this serves as a convenient and reliable playground for Docker Swarm, with local Registry and other cool tools, on your dev box.

azure-dockerdatacenter - **Not Maintained for now** :star: :whale2: :penguin: Azure Docker DataCenter Templates for the to-be GAed (Now GAed) Docker DataCenter with ucp:2

  •    Shell

Patches can be submitted as GitHub pull requests. If using GitHub please make sure your branch applies to the current master as a 'fast forward' merge (i.e. without creating a merge commit). Use the git rebase command to update your branch to the current master if necessary. OMS Setup is optional and the OMS Workspace Id and OMS Workspace Key can either be kept blank or populated post the steps below.

openshift-examples - Openshift Examples - This repo does not provide end to end example but rather act as a rough draft for my work

  •    Go

Openshift Examples - This repo does not provide end to end example but rather act as a rough draft for my work. use with caution. Buzzme at @twitter

miniswarm - Docker Swarm cluster in one command

  •    Shell

Miniswarm is a tool that intends to make creating and managing a local Docker Swarm cluster as easy as possible. Miniswarm was inspired by Minikube which does a similar thing for kubernetes clusters. See FAQ below for info on managing a remote Swarm cluster. In this tutorial we'll install miniswarm, create a Swarm cluster, deploy some apps and learn all the features of miniswarm in the process.

swanager - A high-level Docker Services management tool built on top of Swarm

  •    Go

All params are optional. Required mounted resource is a docker socket to manage docker.

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