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proxyquire - 🔮 Proxies nodejs require in order to allow overriding dependencies during testing.

  •    Javascript

Proxies nodejs's require in order to make overriding dependencies during testing easy while staying totally unobtrusive. If you want to stub dependencies for your client side modules, try proxyquireify, a proxyquire for browserify v2 or proxyquire-universal to test in both Node and the browser.

PRNet - Joint 3D Face Reconstruction and Dense Alignment with Position Map Regression Network (ECCV 2018)

  •    Python

This is an official python implementation of PRN. PRN is a method to jointly regress dense alignment and 3D face shape in an end-to-end manner. More examples on Multi-PIE and 300VW can be seen in YouTube .

mock-require - Simple, intuitive mocking of Node.js modules.

  •    Javascript

mock-require is useful if you want to mock require statements in Node.js. I wrote it because I wanted something with a straight-forward API that would let me mock anything, from a single exported function to a standard library. The module you that you want to mock. This is the same string you would pass in if you wanted to require the module.

Rotatable - Helper class to make any view rotatable

  •    Java

This is a helper class actually, it simplifies having a view as rotatable by setting touch events and handling a lot of boilerplate works! So if you need a component that needs to be able to rotate by touch, you do not have to deal with all these stuff. You can apply this rotatable class to any view in your xml, just need to pass the required view into Rotatable builder and configure up to your needs.

peek-stream - Transform stream that lets you peek the first line before deciding how to parse it

  •    Javascript

Transform stream that lets you peek the first line before deciding how to parse it

level-proxy - proxy a leveldb reference to swap instances transparently

  •    Javascript

This is useful for modules that need to switch out references transparently, like automatically upgrading an ordinary vanilla reference into a multilevel handle. You could probably also use this module to implement even crazier things, like a transparent hash ring.In this example, we'll create 2 db handles proxied by the level-proxy handle db: a and b. The handles will swap into being the active handle every 3 seconds.

switch-stream - swap out a stream in-place

  •    Javascript

For the first three lines, this stream uppercases its input with the prelude transform, then it switches to the size transform, which prints the length of each line.Create a new switch stream sw with an optional initial stream to start with. Input written to sw will be passed to the currently active stream and output from initial will be output on sw.

thermite - JavaScript live code reloading utility for Node and browsers

  •    Javascript

Thermite gives you an API for programmatically live reloading code. Its main purpose is to act like a library used by development and (experimentally) deployment tools.

magicProxy - A proxy for front-end web development. It changes responses from remote websites

  •    Javascript

A proxy for front-end web development. It changes responses from remote websites. Using this, you can forget about having your local HTTP server or using rsync/wget to sync your computer with the remote site, broken URLs and ajax APIs, cross-domain problems, and just access the website you are changing and activate the replace.js or fakeDir.js plugins.

rewiremock - The right way to mock dependencies in Node.js or webpack environment.

  •    Javascript

Rewiremock is a your favorite library. The better version of it. For mocha, ava, karma, and anything not-jest. By its nature rewiremock has same behavior as Mockery. But it can behave like others too. It covers any case. It is the right way to mock your dependencies or perform dependency injection.

hotswap-module - Replace a Node.js module with another module without any code changes

  •    Javascript

Replace the return value of require('some-module') with the return value of another module in any app without any code changes. The following three commands all run the script.js file and replace any call to require('stream') with require('readable-stream').

Swap - Simple swap setup script for Linux.

  •    Shell

Swap is an area on a hard drive that has been designated as a place where the operating system can temporarily store data that it can no longer hold in RAM. Disclamer: This script may not work on every GNU/Linux distro. Sorry.

swap - Development repository for the swap cookbook

  •    Ruby

The swap resource from this cookbook is now shipping as part of Chef 14. With the inclusion of this resource into Chef itself we are now deprecating this cookbook. It will continue to function for Chef 13 users, but will not be updated. This cookbook provides resource for easily creating and managing swap files.

react-gif-player - 📽 A GIF component that moves when YOU want it to!

  •    Javascript

Similar to Facebook's GIF toggle UI, this React component displays a still image preview by default, and swaps in an animated GIF when clicked. The images are preloaded as soon as the component mounts, or whenever a new source is passed. Note: Unlike Facebook's UI, which uses an HTML video element to preserve playback progress, this component uses the actual GIF and will be reset on each click.

stx-atomic-swap - A proof of concept for atomic swaps between Stacks <> Bitcoin, and Stacks <> Ethereum (EVM chains)

  •    Javascript

A proof of concept for atomic swaps between Stacks <> Bitcoin, and Stacks <> Ethereum (EVM chains). The project contains Hashed Timelock Contract (HTLC) implementations in Clarity, Bitcoin Script, and Solidity. It features individual unit tests as well as integration tests that trigger swaps between the different chains.

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