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swan - A Distributed, Highly Available Mesos Scheduler, Inspired by the design of Google Borg

  •    Go

Swan is a Mesos framework forcus on long running tasks, which inspired by Marathon, written with Golang and base on latest Mesos HTTP API.With Swan you can deploy long running application on mesos cluster, control lifecycle of the application, scale up or scale down any instances size you want, can also do rolling-update with new versions base on flexible health checks defined by you. Swan also designed for high avaliability which means any server crash wouldn't affect running applications. with service discovery and API gateway build-in, service discovery made easy.


  •    Fortran

El SVN de mi proyecto de fin de carrera.

NPMT - Towards Neural Phrase-based Machine Translation

  •    Lua

This is NPMT, the source codes of Towards Neural Phrase-based Machine Translation and Sequence Modeling via Segmentations from Microsoft Research. It is built on top of the fairseq toolkit in Torch. We present the setup and Neural Machine Translation (NMT) experiments in Towards Neural Phrase-based Machine Translation. Neural Phrase-based Machine Translation (NPMT) explicitly models the phrase structures in output sequences using Sleep-WAke Networks (SWAN), a recently proposed segmentation-based sequence modeling method. To mitigate the monotonic alignment requirement of SWAN, we introduce a new layer to perform (soft) local reordering of input sequences. Different from existing neural machine translation (NMT) approaches, NPMT does not use attention-based decoding mechanisms. Instead, it directly outputs phrases in a sequential order and can decode in linear time.

swan-cli - The cli for swan

  •    Javascript

The command line interface for SWAN. Unmaintained! This setup requires an overhaul, which won't happen any time soon.

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