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vscode-project-manager - Project Manager Extension for Visual Studio Code

  •    TypeScript

Project Manager is an extension created for Visual Studio Code. If you find it useful, please consider supporting it. It helps you to easily access your projects, no matter where they are located. Don't miss those important projects anymore.

MSAccess SVN


Access SVN adds to Microsoft Access (MS Access) support for Subversion SVN Source control



NOTICE: This project has been superseded by SharpSvn which is in the same vein of this project. SharpSvn is more feature complete, more performant, and has continued development on it. I have already contributed parts of IronSvn into SharpSvn (including svnlook functionality) ...



A tool, written in C#, for importing a Visual SourceSafe database into Subversion (SVN) while maintaining the complete file history.



After seeing gource, I wanted to create an application that would do something similar for SVN. GraphicalSVN is a work in progress, it is by no means to be compared with Gource, I just wanted to see what I could do. Be warned it may not be pretty!

SVNXF - Freeze SVN Externals


svnxf makes it easier for subversion users to automatically freeze externals given a path. You'll no longer have to manually set externals when creating a tag. the console application is C#.

SourceSafe to SVN Import and Migration

  •    CSharp

Visual SourceSafe to Subversion allows VSS databases to be imported into new or existing SVN repositories using a user friendly GUI or command line client.



RepoCop is a repository hook framework written in C#. Currently only Subversion is supported. You can easily configure actions to perform when something gets comitted. You can also assign conditions with these actions to implement complex rules on when these actions should run.

NSubversion for NET applications

  •    CSharp

NSubversion for .NET is simple and useful library, which give application in runtime mode, information about SVN, CVS tags used in source code, by the reflection SvnIdAttribute. Basic example. It's developed in C#, require .NET 2.0.



SubVersionOne is an issue tracking plugin for the TortoiseSVN SubVersion client that integrates with VersionOne.

MVVM Source Control Monitor

  •    WPF

An exercise in MVVM with Wpf to create a useful and unobtrusive source control notification tool that lives in the system tray, and can also be viewed in a window. This is meant to provide a 'real world' application to provide examples of MVVM implementation without underst...

SvnBridge - Use TortoiseSVN with Team Foundation Server


SvnBridge allows you to use TortoiseSVN and other Subversion clients with Team Foundation Server. It converts the calls made by your Subversion client to the API supported by TFS.



SubversionTools is written in c# 2.0 (also work with .NET 3.x). The goal of this project is to provide some tools and helper classes for Subversion.

Svn Notes


Svn Notes is a small tool written in C# that consumes a piped xml output of an svn log command and outputs a change log / release notes file.

SVNTAGWC - Tag a SVN working copy

  •    CSharp

SVNTAGWC will help users and configuration managers tag builds of their projects. It will automatically freeze all external revisions and add all unversioned files to a specified copy (or tag).



VSS2SVN is a simple utility project that aims to help migrate the contents of a source safe database to subversion.

SVN Backup Widget


Utility to create Subversion repository backups using the svnadmin dump command. This utility allows you to create profiles for different backup scenarios.

vcs - VCS Repo management through a common interface in Go

  •    Go

Manage repos in varying version control systems with ease through a common interface.In this case NewRepo will detect the VCS is Git and return a GitRepo. All of the repos implement the Repo interface with a common set of features between them.

svn-stash - It's like git stash , but for Subversion.

  •    Python

It's like the git stash command, but for Subversion. If you don't know git, you should read this guide. Svn-stash permits you to hide the changes that you don't want to commit just now. this can be more useful in some circunstances. I love git and I think that it should be used in the new projects that WHATEVER programmer starts (If you don't think the same, You are welcome to discuss it with me, but you can read the pro git book before. :) ). However, in some old projects where I'm working now the svn-to-git migration is very difficult or imposible. Git has a set of awesome commands I usually use, (like stash) that svn hasn't direct equivalent. Svn-stash is an attempt to port some of the functionalities of the git stash command to subversion.

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