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rb-libsvm - Ruby language bindings for LIBSVM

  •    C++

This package provides a Ruby bindings to the LIBSVM library. SVM is a machine learning and classification algorithm, and LIBSVM is a popular free implementation of it, written by Chih-Chung Chang and Chih-Jen Lin, of National Taiwan University, Taipei. See the book "Programming Collective Intelligence," among others, for a usage example. There is a JRuby implementation of this gem named jrb-libsvm by Andreas Eger.

svm-spam-classifier-javascript - 🍃 Spam Classifier with Data Preparation and Support Vector Machine (SVM)

  •    Javascript

This example project demonstrates how support vector machine (SVM) may be used to solve a classification problem (spam filter) in JavaScript. The SMS Spam Collection Dataset from kaggle is used for the purpose of training and testing the algorithm. Before training the algorithm, the data set is prepared with common practices to finally extract a feature vector for each SMS. Furthermore, svm.js is used for a ready to go SVM implementation. As alternative, uncomment the code to use Naive Bayes classifier instead of SVM from the natural library.