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svgpack - A tool for generating and managing SVG Sprites.

  •    Javascript

A tool for generating and managing SVG Sprites.SVGPack does not currently support circle and ellipse elements. If your SVG file has circle and ellipse elements, you will need to convert these into path elements. You can use Illustrator's Make Compound Path (⌘ + 8) function to convert circles and ellipses into paths.

svgeez - A Ruby gem for automatically generating an SVG sprite from a folder of SVG icons.

  •    Ruby

A Ruby gem for automatically generating an SVG sprite from a folder of SVG icons. If you're using an SVG icon system in your Web projects, svgeez can help speed up your workflow by automating the SVG sprite generation process. Run svgeez alongside your existing project (or integrate it into your current build system); add, edit, or delete SVG files from a folder; and marvel as svgeez generates a single SVG sprite file ready for inclusion in your user interface.

svg-spritemap-webpack-plugin - SVG spritemap plugin for webpack

  •    Javascript

This webpack plugin generates a single SVG spritemap containing multiple <symbol> elements from all .svg files in a directory. In addition, it can optimize the output and can also generate a stylesheet containing the sprites to be used directly from CSS. Chris Coyier has a good write-up about the why's and how's of this technique on CSS Tricks. Use it in combination with the svg4everybody package to easily and correctly load SVGs from the spritemap in all browsers. Compatibility Version ^2.0.0 of this plugin is compatible with webpack ^4.0.0. When using an older version of webpack, make sure to install the ^1.0.0 (svg-spritemap-webpack-plugin@^1.0.0) release of this plugin.

vue-svg-icon-loader - Turn SVG files into VueJS Components

  •    TypeScript

SVG attributes can be overridden with CSS or inline on the icon element in your template. See the example project for more usage examples. There is a sample Vue + Webpack project in the examples/ directory that shows how to use this in an application.

sage-starter - The best starter theme with a modern front-end development workflow

  •    Javascript

Sage Starter is a starter theme based on Sage 8.5, HTML5 Boilerplate, gulp, and Bower that will help you make better themes. For more installation notes, refer to the Install gulp and Bower section in this document.

gulp-boilerplate - :rocket: A opinionated gulp boilerplate for individuals and teams

  •    CSS

A gulp ITCSS Sass based boilerplate for individuals and teams. Lints and concatenates JS files. Compiles Sass files and automatically adds vendor prefixes. Exports both minified JS and CSS files with header info. Generates SVG sprites.

ionicons-sprite - SVG sprite icon set based on Ionicons icons

  •    HTML

Quite a few people have already written articles about this topic,so this one will be short. Icon fonts suck on so many levels. So this is my two cents on making life with SVGs and popular ionicon font a little bit easier. Inline only symbols that you need and forget about additional requests, icon flickering and other stuff.

feathericon - [ Icons ] Simple, scalable vector icon font for websites, apps.

  •    HTML

feathericon is simple, scalable vector icon font for websites, apps. feathericon v1.0.0 is now available - the brand new design icons 🎉🎉 You can also use old version.