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thegreatsuspender - A chrome extension for suspending all tabs to free up memory

  •    Javascript

Please contribute if you have any extra insight on alternative methods for tab recovery. "The Great Suspender" is a free and open-source Google Chrome extension for people who find that chrome is consuming too much system resource or suffer from frequent chrome crashing. Once installed and enabled, this extension will automatically suspend tabs that have not been used for a while, freeing up memory and cpu that the tab was consuming.

criu - Checkpoint/Restore tool

  •    C

CRIU (stands for Checkpoint and Restore in Userspace) is a utility to checkpoint/restore Linux tasks. Using this tool, you can freeze a running application (or part of it) and checkpoint it to a hard drive as a collection of files. You can then use the files to restore and run the application from the point it was frozen at. The distinctive feature of the CRIU project is that it is mainly implemented in user space. There are some more projects doing C/R for Linux, and so far CRIU appears to be the most feature-rich and up-to-date with the kernel.

suspend - Callback-free control flow for Node using ES6 generators.

  •    Javascript

Generator-based control-flow for Node enabling asynchronous code without callbacks, transpiling, or selling your soul. Suspend is designed to work seamlessly with Node's callback conventions, promises, and thunks, but is also compatible with code that follows other conventions.

watchify-middleware - a server for faster watchify development

  •    Javascript

For practical implementations, see watchify-server or budo.For a more complete example, see example/server.js.

genny - A tiny library to use generators with node style callbacks

  •    Javascript

Genny automatically passes resume as the last argument to your generator. Its a constructor that can make resume callbacks. then the yield expression will return that value.

cordova-plugin-background-task - Cordova / PhoneGap Background Task Plugin for Apache Cordova >= 3

  •    Objective-C

Allows you to run JavaScript when the app is active and for 3 minutes after the app is suspended. You do not need to reference any JavaScript, the Cordova plugin architecture will add a backgroundtask object to your root automatically when you build.

circadian - Suspend-On-Idle Daemon for GNU/Linux Power Management

  •    Rust

Circadian is a background daemon/service for triggering suspend/sleep/hibernate automatically when a computer is idle. It is primarily for stationary devices with permanent power (i.e. desktops, servers, media centers).