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testing-express-api - Testing Express APIs with Supertest

  •    Javascript

This is a repo for a tutorial written for Codementor.

UserApiWithTest - Code from a screencast on creating a CRUD Api using KoaJs

  •    Javascript

This is the code I created when I recorded a screencast on a how to create a simple CRUD Api with Koa JS.

moleculerjs-boilerplate - A well-structured Moleculer JS Boilerplate with Typescript, CLI, Service Helpers, Swagger, Jest support and everything you'll ever need to deploy rock solid projects

  •    TypeScript

A microservice is a single self-contained unit which, together with many others, makes up a large application. By splitting your app into small units every part of it is independently deployable and scalable, can be written by different teams and in different programming languages and can be tested individually. Moleculer is a fast, modern and powerful microservices framework for Node.js. It helps you to build efficient, reliable & scalable services.

axon - Autogenerate Integration Tests

  •    TypeScript

Axon desktop application is available to install for Mac or Windows operating systems.

battletest - A CLI module for npm that auto-generates tests based on user specified parameters.

  •    Javascript

Battletest.js will take in the shape of the intended request object, and generate many test requests that vary each field of the request object by a single unexpected value. By testing the backend as such, the developer can easily determine if there are any random test requests that might make the web API backend fail. Battletest will read a configuration file ( battletest.config.js ) containing the shape of the expected HTTP request for each endpoint/method, and output for each endpoint/method a testing suite that leverages Mocha, Chai & Supertest to test how the server handles requests containing unexpected data types.

dialetus-service - Bringing cultural diversity from each one of us, being able, to deepen in the our Brazilian's daily culture

  •    Javascript

The idea came about through the meeting of friends who only knew each other through the internet, each one with its linguistic-cultural traits, we thought of creating an informal dictionary for the idiomatic expressions that each Brazilian region possessed, so the project was totally collaborative, bringing cultural diversity from each one of us, being able, to deepen in the our Brazilian's daily culture. All endpoints live under the URL https://dialetus-service.now.sh and then generally follow the REST architecture.

superdeno - Super-agent driven library for testing Deno HTTP servers.

  •    TypeScript

HTTP assertions for Deno made easy via superagent. The motivation of this module is to provide a high-level abstraction for testing HTTP in Deno, while still allowing you to drop down to the lower-level API provided by superagent.

superoak - HTTP assertions for Oak made easy via SuperDeno. 🐿 🦕

  •    TypeScript

HTTP assertions for Deno's Oak web framework made easy via SuperDeno. This module aims to provide a high-level abstraction for testing HTTP in Deno's Oak web framework. This is a wrapper compatibility layer around SuperDeno to reduce some of the boilerplate needed to setup Oak integration + functional tests.

expect-cookies - SuperTest Cookie Assertions

  •    Javascript

HTTP cookie assertions via super-test. Writing HTTP cookie tests can result in redundant and verbose test code.

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